No more homework…no more books

Well not really no more books because 3 of our kids are book hounds! Today was the last day of school! For some reason I thought they dismissed at 1:00 so I didn’t send any snacks. Ooops! they came home regular time.  Every year I put on a spread of some kind of favorite snacks, treats and goodies. A couple of times we had a new slip-n-slide or some kind of new book or toy as an end of year happy.  With all the expense of getting ready to head out to Texas for our adoption I went a bit low-key while still celebrating their hard work all  year-long.  The 3 littles each got a new toy they’d been eyeing and Elijah and Morgan got book 1 and book 2 of a new series to share. It’s always fun giving them surprises! Love these kids!!!!

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3 thoughts on “No more homework…no more books

  1. Do you just sit around and try to come up with things to make the rest of us look bad?! Could someone give this woman “Mother of the Year” please!!!


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