1st grade Ice Cream Party!

For their end of year celebration Mary and Jordan’s class had an ice cream party. Fortunately I had an extra-long lunch break and was able to go to it where they performed a group  reading (some had their parts memorized or partly memorized) about thier 1st grade experience. It was really cute. They spelled out “First Grade was Fun and Fantastic”. Each student had a letter which they spoke about.  Mary had the letter “R” from Grade. Her line was “R is for reading books on the carpet, it was fun. My favorite book was called ‘I love my new toy'”.  Jordan had the last letter “T” in Fantastic.  His went “T is for taking test. Taking test is hard and fun sometimes. I liked the telling time test we did. It was fun. First grade was fun.”

After the group reading they all sang 2 songs for all us parents and then it was all about ICE CREAM!!!

Mary loves her some Evan R. !!!!!!

Norma was in Mary’s kindergarten class too.

Mary reading “R”


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