Best Buds

Elijah and Morgan have been each other’s greatest supporters this year at the Middle school.  They have challenged each other academically by pure competitive banter resulting in both earning all A’s or A/B Honors.

They were both on the Middle School Battle of the Books team.  Elijah was the team captain and Morgan won Top Score for the team.  I didn’t get to attend the B.O.B competition, but Trey said they lit up the buzzers the entire day!  He was so proud and impressed with them both.

This year they went to the State Archery Competition together. The school program uses Genesis bows without sights and they shoot from 30 feet and 45 feet.  Elijah ended with a score of 261 and Morgan a 244!

They are truly great pals and work well together. Lately they have joined forces in another endeavor  . . .  GIRLS.  I’m not exactly sure which one is the “Wing Man” too hard to tell with their elevated teenager confidences.

Right now they are listening to IPOD songs together and discussing their Double Date to the movies they are going on tonight while Joseph and Jordan are building an Ironman suit out of cardboard together. Always excitement around here with Best Buds both big and little.


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