7lbs 15oz 19in 1:47p.m.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:00a.m. where we met birth mom and her 4 yr old daughter in the lobby

We found out the night before that we would be taking care of the daughter throughout the day and during the c-section so we bought coloring books and crayons, sketch book, puzzles, play-dough, small toys, Dora gummies, Capri sun juices and more snacks to keep little miss T entertained. We were expecting an early morning baby but after getting her blood checked it was found that birth mom was anemic so she had to get 2 bags of blood and I.V. fluids in her before they could do the surgery. The nurses said we’d have an afternoon baby so we had time to take Miss T out to IHOP for breakfast then play on Chick-fil-a indoor playground since it started raining. After doing puzzles over and over and coloring and play-dough Miss T settled down to watch Dora and soon she was fast asleep. She slept right through the staff coming in and out and birth mom being moved to the delivery room and she continued to sleep throughout the c-section and arrival of her baby brother.

Trey stayed in the room where Miss T slept and I suited up to be in the delivery room!

Our 5th son Hanson Reyer Garrett arrived crying all tangled up in his cord on his ankle, neck, arm none of it was tight at all just everywhere. The doctor had a laugh at how wrapped up in this baby boy was. He was crying and breathing wonderfully from the get go. They had to suction out a bit of fluid from his mouth but other than that there was no concerns. He was beautiful upon arrival with his long slender fingers and legs just like his birth mom who was a trooper through it all. I was blessed to been able to hold her hand during the c-section and to carry her son/our son over to her for her to give him a kiss before carrying him to the nursery for all his assessments. What a completely amazing day!

Fair Breeze Cabin

After all these years I should know something is up when Trey drives me down a beautiful tree-lined road like this

when we are supposed to be going to our hotel.  Who would put a hotel way out here?  And we pull up to this

and then park in front of this cute little cabin.

Wow! What a surprise indeed!  I had no idea. He even had the owner in on it so when she would call to let him know it was ready if I were to answer the phone she would simply say, “Hello Mrs. Garrett your accommodations are ready”. No name of “hotel” or anything.  It is on 46 acres and overlooks a pasture. There are numerous walking trails and the breeze is amazing!

 We’re just staying here the first 3 nights then we will move to a hotel close by the hospital so we can stay late and go early to visit with baby. We might come back here toward the end of our stay but will just feel things out a bit.  It’s just so nice to stay in this small space just the two of us. We hardly ever get away on overnights without the children so we are enjoying the quiet for a few short days before we are up all night with our new bundle of joy! I am so grateful to have such a considerate, thoughtful, creative and spontaneous husband. Love you so much!!


Buzz Run 2012

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Look how many laps I ran!!

So glad Daddy came to cheer on his little runners!!

These two are inseperable they ran, walked, got water and popsicles together.

Smiling Jordan running hard!!!

2 Days!!

number 2

What a memorable Memorial Day as we travel to Texas where our 5th son will be born! We are excited beyond words and exhausted as we had a very jammed packed weekend leading up to our trip. The kids are safely being cared for by Grammy and Pawpaw and all details have been worked out for their care and events. We’ll get to TX and have a day to get settled in, to tour the hospital and pray and meditate on the birth of our new son and his birth mommy. We will meet this amazing, strong, brave girl about 6:00a.m. on Wednesday for the first time. If you happen to be up at o’dark o’clock then we sure would covet your prayers for us and our birth mom and baby.

3 Days!!!

3 Mosaic

Rock a bye baby on the tree top,
When the wind blows the cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all.

Blue and Gold Banquet

Joseph and Jordan have done ALOT with the Cub Scouts this 2011-2012 year. Jordan is a Tiger and Joseph a Bear.  The Pack we are in is really, really, really involved which gives the boys many opportunities to do fun things as a Den or Pack or Troop. This night was the Blue and Gold Banquet for the whole family. There were Cub Advancements given out and a guest speaker, catered meal and door prizes.  It was a really enjoyable night and we got to hear the boys recite their Cub Scout Promise for the umpteenth time:

“I promise. . . to do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, to be square and to obey the Law of the Pack.”

Joseph won an Ice Cream maker door prize!!!!