Egg Drop

The little kids enjoyed getting a few more treats well not a few more like a large bag full of more treats!  We went to a Helicopter Egg Drop and it  wasn’t quite as we were expecting. There was indeed a helicopter and there were eggs involved, but it was more like a helicopter dropping off the Easter bunny to wave at the crowd of already sugar induced hyped up kids and then youth would fling out large trash bags of plastic candy filled eggs onto the football field for scores of kids to rush onto and within seconds they have swiped up all the eggs! You can’t really call it an egg hunt more like an egg pick-up. Mary paired up with a sweet girlfriend from her class as did Joseph with a bud from his class. Joseph and his friend had a complete strategy worked out inorder to get the most eggs and then they would split their loot, but once they were out on the field it suddenly turned into every man for himself! Even Morgan couldn’t resist the thrill of the thousands of pastel eggs!


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