Easter Baskets

Easter morning is all about our Risen Savior but for children what would Easter morning be without baskets filled with pastel treats and chocolate bunnies?

Of course Jordan was the first up and oh so ready to dive into his Easter basket and eager for all his brothers and sister to get up too. He woke up his two oldest going into their room and turning on the light saying, “Get up, Dad said get up or you don’t get your Easter basket!!!”

Shortly after that I told him NOT to wake anyone up, just let them sleep. His eyes got so big and he told me he had just gone up and he “thought” he “might” have woken them up already. . . sorry!

Mary had an extra magical bonus with money from the Tooth Fairy.  We had quite a magical moment with both the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy in our home at the same time!


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