OH Fundraising

   …”click on my Affiliate name (Garrett, Trey & Stephanie) at checkout and we get 40% of purchases toward our adoption!  Not only are there great T-shirts for the whole family, but also headbands, sandles, hats, necklaces ,wristbands or you can make a product donation to children in Africa and we still get credit. How cool is that!!  You can donate a Sheep or 1/2 sheep, 1/2 donkey or whole donkey (don’t think they have 1/2 sheep:1/2 donkey! Ha! Ha!) , Amheric Children’s Bible, aqau shoes, fleeces, backpacks, raincoats or make it a Combo donation to Children in Africa. They get much needed items, we recieve 40% credit toward our adoption and you have the joy of helping both causes. Sooooo Let the Fundraising Begin!!!

The mission of Ordinary Hero is to inspire and empower ORDINARY people to make an extraordinary difference in the life of a child in need.

We have created our product and this shopping cart to raise awareness of OH and the power that Ordinary people have to make an extraordinary difference in a child’s life through adoption, outreach, missions, or supporting an adoption or mission trip. Our product can aid in bringing children home to their forever families as well as bringing aid across the world to help children in need. Thank you for your purchase from this store. It has made a difference! Visit our ABOUT US page for more information about Ordinary Hero.

Thank you!

Remember at Check Out  you must click Fundraising Affiliate then find our name in the drop down box below it inorder for us to recieve credit . We are listed as

Garrett, Trey & Stephanie



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