Reclaimed Lumber

There’s this road we travel on quite often where I have seen time and time again a great stock pile of lumber. It’s a fairly significant pile of timber along the road side in someone’s front yard. I’ve mentioned it to Trey on several occasions how I’d like to stop and ask if we could buy some for building the kids tree house/fort. Reclaimed lumber is my choice for the fort and I can’t bring myself to buying brand new lumber for it. If the fort is anything like Elijah’s office and the playroom then it’s safe to say it will hardly be touched so I don’t want to throw money away to finish it. So the other day we did indeed stop and out came an older gentleman to talk to Trey about said lumber. I stayed in the truck but could hear their conversation.

Old Man said he had been collecting it for a while and he was gonna build a house out of it. What I couldn’t see from the truck was 4-5 more stacks of lumber on the side and back of the house. Let me paint a picture for you. The house is a run down trailer with a wooden shed built onto it wrapped in visqueen. There is a couple other trailers on the land and another unfinished two-story shed that has been unfinished for as long as we have lived here. Come to find out it’s been unfinished for 12 years!!! I seriously doubt this house is ever gonna be built!!

Old Man was remenencing about when he got his wood and how long it took him to get it and where it came from.  At this point I’m a bit bummed realizing we’re not coming home with any tree house lumber. So I think Trey is about to come back to leave when I hear their conversation switch to a boat.

A BOAT! I’m thinking we don’t need a boat, don’t need anything else in our drive way or back yard!! The conversation goes on and on and the next thing I hear is the Old Man giving Trey instructions on picking it up and that he wouldn’t be there so just pay his wife!!

REALLY! A Boat. . .  how did stopping to buy cheap reclaimed lumber turn into a BOAT purchase?  All I wanted were a few long boards we could rip to finish the fort deck so kids coming down on the zipline don’t have to pray they release at just the right time and land on the few boards that at there and not fall through the big gap!! How does this happen?

So now we are BOAT owners!


2 thoughts on “Reclaimed Lumber

  1. I think Morgan is the most pumped about it. He helped Trey wash it up and strip off old stuff. Trey is gonna sand and paint the trailer, already got new tires for it and will give it a new paint job. I am holding you to coming to our house for a visit!!!! Glad I got to see you and your new home addition!! Miss you!!


  2. Hey, really?!!! I’ll bet the kids were excited. It was great seeing you the other day. I still intend on heading your way next time we are in the area. I’ll let you know.


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