Favorites of 2011

Many bloggers have a top 10 or 20, I’ve even seen Top 25, but seeing as this is my first go-round with posting favorites, I narrowed it down to 42! Granted these are not ALL my favorites, but really I had to end it some how! Perhaps my Favorites 2012 will be more stream line, but if we are blessed with another baby this year then it is safe to say it will probably be just as long. I guess I should adapt my Favorites to “Favorites under 50”.  Any how here are some of my favorites not in any particular order. Enjoy!!!

  1. Snow Day

2.  Elijah’s Student Council Dance

3.  Morgan’s Archery Competition

4.  Trey and Elijah

5.   Stunt Man Joseph

6.  Jordan at Cameron Oaks

7.  Mary at Cameron Oaks

8.   Battle of the Books Boys

9.   Easter

10.  Jordan in Long Beach

11.   Putt-putt at Treetops

12.   Jordan and Mary Soccer

13.   Morgan at Baseball



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