VDP Part Two

For some reason I was having technical difficulty (Imagine that!) loading addition images after my last photo on the previous post which called for a Part Two to the Parade.

 Joseph and the other Cub Scouts handed out home-made Thank You cards to Veteran’s that lined the parade route. When they ran out of cards they would just go up and shake their hand and personally thank them for all they have done for our Freedom. It was very touching to watch and I’m sure it meant a lot to the Veteran’s.

Elijah made sure these hot rods made it into the Blog!!


All in all the kids had a good experience. It was perfect weather and I kept telling the kids what an honor it was to be walking in our Nation’s Largest Veteran’s Day Parade, that it was something they could always keep with them. I’m not sure if they were buying it or not but they trekked the long route with barely a whimper. Getting to carry the flags and banner was wonderful as it gave them a task to do along the route. Joseph was so glad to get his “Patch” for walking in the parade.  It’s all about the patches, pins, beads and belt loops!!!!


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