Joe’s 1st Doe

  What a thrill it was to be there for Joseph’s first deer!!  He was so excited as he and Trey exited the hunting blind. Trey said he made a perfect shot and dropped the deer where she stood. How exciting to get his very first deer on Thanksgiving Day with his Daddy on his Pawpaw’s land!!!

Giving Thanks

A Texas Thanksgiving with Mammaw and Pawpaw

  We had a very Happy Thanksgiving in Fredericksburg, Texas with Mammaw and Pawpaw.  It was the first time to visit them at their new home, Songbird Acres. What a beautiful piece of property they have there for dogs and kids to roam.  There are so many trees great for climbing or a rope swing.  Our day was full of activity starting with a morning doe kill by Elijah, several hours of tracking Morgan’s 1st Buck he shot with his bow the night before. We even hired a deer dog to track it with no luck. The dog was 10 for 10 until he couldn’t find Morgan’s. We enjoyed a late big breakfast and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  There was the putting together of a ping-pong table by Trey and his dad and then loads of playing by the kids. The little kids decorated our traditional table runner with Thanksgiving drawings.  Kids climbed trees, played in the back fort and played fetch with the four dogs.  We over indulged on a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and then Joseph shot his very first deer on Thanksgiving Day with his Daddy!  There will be a separate post for hunting.  It was a Very Happy Thanksgiving indeed!! 

Happy Fall Y’all

I love this time of year with the cooler mornings and all the colors of Fall.  Love the purples and blues and the mums and our amazing monsterous potato plant. It’s so nice enjoying all the blooms without having to mow the yard so often too.

From Our Home to Yours:  Happy Fall Y’all !!!


Oh what a bunch of little whittlers I had this weekend! There was wood shavings everywhere as they crafted their knives and axes and other weaponry out of fallen branches.  Morgan was very kind and made Jordan two custom knives with his initials engraved. He also engraved one for Elijah as well.  They had a really good time as they whittled away in the living room while they watch a John Wayne western. Ya know the one where the Duke has a bunch of young boy ranch hands moving cattle all over tarnation! It’s one of our boys all time favorite John Wayne flick.

VDP Part Two

For some reason I was having technical difficulty (Imagine that!) loading addition images after my last photo on the previous post which called for a Part Two to the Parade.

 Joseph and the other Cub Scouts handed out home-made Thank You cards to Veteran’s that lined the parade route. When they ran out of cards they would just go up and shake their hand and personally thank them for all they have done for our Freedom. It was very touching to watch and I’m sure it meant a lot to the Veteran’s.

Elijah made sure these hot rods made it into the Blog!!


All in all the kids had a good experience. It was perfect weather and I kept telling the kids what an honor it was to be walking in our Nation’s Largest Veteran’s Day Parade, that it was something they could always keep with them. I’m not sure if they were buying it or not but they trekked the long route with barely a whimper. Getting to carry the flags and banner was wonderful as it gave them a task to do along the route. Joseph was so glad to get his “Patch” for walking in the parade.  It’s all about the patches, pins, beads and belt loops!!!!

Veteran’s Day Parade!

My two Cub Scouts and 2 Boy Scouts were invited to walk in our Nation’s Largest Veteran’s Day Parade(so they tell me) in Birmingham, AL.  You would have thought it would be held in New York City or Chicago or Philadelphia?!

We left the house later than planned and ran into crazy congestion on the streets going toward the city. It was madness, as busy as Black Friday!!! My Garmin wasn’t working so I just headed down town toward the Civic Center since I saw a map of the parade route that went right by it. I drove us as far in as I could and then we met the dreaded police barriers. I really had no idea where we were suppose to meet up with the other Boy Scouts in our pack other than the name of the bakery on 16th Street N. between 10th and 11th Avenue wherever that was!

I pulled up next to two police officers standing by their cars and called out that I had 4 Boy Scouts that were walking  in the parade and where we were suppose to meet up with the Pack. They said that I couldn’t get there anymore, but then one officer said, “I’ll take you, I’m gonna put on my lights, you stay on my bumper, we’re not waiting in this crowd.” And that’s what I did. This Mama with a car load of Scouts and a little patriotic girl went fast and furious through down town B’ham via Police escort!! It was fantastic!!!  I surely would have never found it even if I had left an hour earlier. So many right turns. He took us right dab behind where everyone was lined up to march. We quickly parked and then this Mama and her little troop went on a super sprint to find our Pack.






Veteran’s Day Program

Joseph performed with the Hornet’s of Hue and Harmony in honor of our brave Veteran’s

He has worked long and hard and was so excited about this special performance. Not only do the children sing but they also created the patriotic backdrop that will be sent to troops overseas.  Part of the program included a slide show of past or presently serving Veteran’s of the students.  Our children were so proud and excited when they saw their Paw Paw, Carl E. Garrett, Jr.’s slide on the wall!!!!!