A+ Achievement

Today was Honors day for the 6th grade. Morgan received his Certificate of Achievement for earning ALL  A’s!!!!!  We are so proud of him and the strong effort he makes to get high marks and his determination to get them too.

I know I’m bias, but I can’t help but say what a good look’n boy he is. He’s growing up too fast and So handsome!!!  You’re Mama and Daddy love you so much! We’re very proud of you, Son. Kisses!!!


Joseph’s finally got his wish with the addition of a ZIP-LINE!!!!  A zip-line that Mama thinks is grossly too high for a little kids fort! 

A zipline that leads to a very shakey unfinished fort deck completely built by an eight -year- old

A zip-line  of cable and pullies and something you hang a deer from to skin and gut it! Yah, it’s a countryfied zipline!!!

A zip-line that definitely needs a safety net or harness

A zip-line that  puts an awesome smile on Joseph’s face

A zip-line that even gives BIG kids butterflies

A zip-line for all their amazing adventures in their world of play

A zip-line that Mommy has not attempted . . . yet

A zip-line that gets 2 thumbs up from our little dare-devil himself!

Tiger Cub Safari

Mommy and Jordan attended a Tiger Cub Safari along with hundreds of other Cub Scouts where Jordan added his Zoo patch to his uniform! It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed the one on one time immensely! The animals were very active on this cool sunny day. We spent a long time watching the rhinos chase each other and the five lion cubs wrestling. We even saw one cub play with his Papa the King of the Jungle!  Petting the goats was a highlight and Jordan also loved riding the train throughout the zoo.

Chelsea Day

Today was Chelsea Day for our little town. The event consisted of several booths on the front lawn in front of City Hall. There were arts and crafts booths, local monogramming shops, gardens, churches, bake sales, Krispy Kreme donuts, Kona Ice, ice cream truck, fire truck, inflatables, health screenings, small business owners, rub on tattoos for the kiddies, hair spraying, face paintings, pumpkin patch and more this and that.  Joseph performed with his Hornets of Hue and Harmony group. They sang several patriotic songs that they are practicing to sing at Veterans Day.  I talked to his art teacher and she told me one of his drawings was hung for display in the 3rd grade hall at school. She said it was going to be on display somewhere else too, I just can’t remember where. She had lots of good things to say about Joseph which is always nice to hear from people you’ve just met:)  Morgan also performed playing his saxophone with the 6th grade band. They played about 6 songs and were really good for only have been doing it 6 weeks.  Morgan had been practicing all week at home and I was amazed how fast he picked up playing that sax, definitely got that from his sax playing Daddy!

Trey had an early tennis match so he drove his Rover to it then arrived during Joseph’s singing.  The kids and I drove my JEEP up this morning and so we both enjoyed driving our toys on this beautiful day. I love, love, love this cooler weather. This morning Jordan said, “It feels like Easter, I just love it.” Yes, we certainly would enjoy having this Fall/Easter weather year round. So this mornings activities were alot of fun. Now we are home straightening things up a bit, Trey baking baked beans and then we are off again to a cook out with friends of ours. Always busy round here!


Joseph had a blast with his science project on plants. He chose to do the Egg-head project.

He cracked eggs and cleaned out the halves. Drew funny faces on all the shells.

He filled them with potting soil and then sprinkled on rye grass and watered them.

He has two weeks to let his eggs grow “hair” and then he’ll take them into class.