How can it be that Morgan is 12?! Joseph used the last bit of credit on his Books-a-million card he got for Christmas to buy Morgan’s birthday present.  He picked it out all on his own the week before his birthday. He was way ahead of us in the birthday planning!!    Jordan picked out some of Morgan’s favorite candies and wrapped them up himself. I love how they know their brother so well, I didn’t have to help him at all!!!

We celebrated Morgan’s Birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings with the family plus our friend Parker

Morgan loved the duct tape from Elijah and Nunchucks from Daddy of course!

Everyone enjoyed the messy wings!

After dinner we went back home where Morgan received his mega 12-year-old gift that Daddy had custom-made for him!!

Trey had his 7mm-08 hunting rifle and scope custom painted. So for his birthday he received: duct tape, nunchucks, training knife and a smoke n gun with scope! Let’s see, all he needs now is a shovel and he’s ready for some kind of shady profession or a career with the Navy Seals or CIA???  After opening the mega gift they watched Thor and ate Birthday cake.

Morgan loved his camo cake!!! I have to say this was one of the easiest cakes I’ve ever made and so much fun too!! The kids loved it and decided that I should make it every time they go on a hunting trip! Wow that is gonna be ALOT of camo cakes!!! They said I could make a pink camo cake when Mary gets her turn to hunt!

All in all Morgan had a wonderful celebration. He was blown away by his gun for sure!!!! Trey is still going to take him on a Father/Son weekend trip as he did Elijah we just have to work it around school.



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