Cub Scout Lock-in

Joseph and Jordan’s first Cub Scout event!

They have some amazing rocket building skills as both of their water bottle rockets soared to great heights!!! If only Paw Paw in Texas could have been here. He certainly knows all about rocket building and launching with his cadets!

Jordan's Rocket


Joseph's Rocket


Most of the Cub Scout events are open to the entire family which works well for us. There are many other siblings that come so Mary always has someone to hang out with. There is a little girl who was in their kindergarten class last year that is both of their good friend so Mary, Jordan and said girl were exstatic to be reunited again!

Along with the rocket making and launching, hot dog roasting, dutch oven cobbler bake, craft for Jordan, camp fire songs and skit performing there was also a very fervent flag retirement ceremony.  All the scouts helped in cutting the old flags and then placing the colors in order on the fire. The Pack leader read all about the significance of the parts of the flag and the traditions of the retiring of old worn out flags. It was quite patriotic and an experience not to be forgotten.

Mary and I stayed till around 9:30 p.m. when all the cots and mattresses were being set up and tons of cub scouts changed into their pajamas.  They all got into their sleeping bags, air mattresses and cots and watched a movie on the churches big scene, had a late night snack and were off to sleep.  Trey was sound asleep throughout the movie Jordan said so he didn’t get any snack. This was a really fun event.  Jordan was so happy the entire time just so excited about each and every thing that happened!


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