Smoker Shoutout!!

We recently popped in on some long time Church of the Good Shepherd  friends of ours who now live south of us in Dothan, AL.  We timed it just right to meet up with them after church to grab some pizzas, drinks and ice cream and head to their new home.  Trey and I use to live in the county of MS and moved to a neighborhood while Nate and Amy lived in the city in MS and moved WAY out in the country, like over the tracks, off the paved roads onto dirt clay, past the house with the horse in the drive way and bam there is their newly built tidy house in the middle of a cotton field complete with a miniature donkey and goats!:) We had a great time visiting with them and their growing family. They have had 2 more blessings since we last saw them in MS so it was lots of fun meeting their 2 newest girls Elisabeth 2 yrs  and Grace 5 months.

The Garrett/Smoker Gang

Wish I could claim all these, aren’t they adorable!! I am really embarrassed about my lack of photography skills with these group pictures. They were taken in a rush and I didn’t review them; most definitely should have taken them inside their beautiful home.

Introducing the marvelous Smoker Family


Elisabeth LOVED being held by EVERYONE at ALL times which we gladly did. Elijah was so sweet with her and she took right to him.  This was the first time for Mary and Abby to meet but they got along so well like they had been long time friends. Two beautiful girls!

Jordan and Jacob fell flat on their backs while I was taking their picture. They were a hoot together and played so hard.  Amy and I were pregnant together for these two J’s. Jordan came in March and Jacob arrived in July of 2005!

There aren’t many families up for 7 people dropping in on them, but we sure are glad Nate and Amy are!!!  We love you Smokers!!! You are welcome to drop in on us ANYTIME!!


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