Labor Day Birthday!

Labor Day was our sweet Lily’s 1st Birthday! Last year Lulu was in labor on Labor Day and gave birth to 9 . . . 9 Labrala puppies!!!!

To celebrate we had a cupcake for Lily and Lulu and then they each got a new chewing bone. Lily’s cupcake was gone in one inhaled bite but Lulu as usual took her dear sweet time and savored every nibble. The kids loved it as they sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lily!!!

We are so glad we kept Lily as our own. She is such a snuggler and just a sweet pup. She’s eager to please and loves playing with the kids and being with you at all times. Throughout the day I go from room to room quite often and she will follow me and lay in the kitchen while I’m in there then get up and follow me to another room to lay down and up and down she goes all day! We love you sweet Lily, Happy 1st Birthday!!!


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