Cha Ching!!!!

The other afternoon I came home from work to find Jordan in the hall bathroom wiggling ferociously on yet another tooth! He jumped down to show me his wiggly tooth and declared that he was going to pull another that night!

I really think it could have stayed in his mouth at least a few more weeks but once a tooth is remotely loose he just can’t help himself!  He did eventually get me to apply some topical anesthetic to numb his gums for the final pulling.

That night Jordan placed his newly extracted tooth on the buffet where all lost teeth go for pick-up by the “Tooth Fairy”. The next morning he loudly proclaimed, “My money, my money I gotta get my tooth money!!” but sadly his tooth still remained where he had laid it the night before. It did not bother him though, he matter-of-factly said,”Oh that’s okay The Tooth Fairy must still be in Japan or China or a place like that, that’s okay she’ll get here tonight!” And indeed the Tooth Fairy did come that night all the way from around the world to pick up his tooth and leave 2 crisp dollar bills. One for the tooth and one for the delay!

World Traveler

To Dad 

Dad, will you take me to one of these places once a year?

 Australia, Japan, Madagascar, Paris, Spain, Rome, Greenland, Hawaii, New York City, Togo, Monte Carlo, Russia and Poland


 I am going to go to one of these places this year

Joseph-8years old

You never know what Joseph is going to come up with next. His mind is always racing coming up with new ideas and  thoughts on where he wants to go,  wants to build, wants to do, wants to invent or create! He vaguely reminds me of someone I know (Trey)!!!  He is certainly his father’s son and we love it!!!!! We sure hope you will be able to see all these places and more our dear boy!


Daddy and Mommy


How can it be that Morgan is 12?! Joseph used the last bit of credit on his Books-a-million card he got for Christmas to buy Morgan’s birthday present.  He picked it out all on his own the week before his birthday. He was way ahead of us in the birthday planning!!    Jordan picked out some of Morgan’s favorite candies and wrapped them up himself. I love how they know their brother so well, I didn’t have to help him at all!!!

We celebrated Morgan’s Birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings with the family plus our friend Parker

Morgan loved the duct tape from Elijah and Nunchucks from Daddy of course!

Everyone enjoyed the messy wings!

After dinner we went back home where Morgan received his mega 12-year-old gift that Daddy had custom-made for him!!

Trey had his 7mm-08 hunting rifle and scope custom painted. So for his birthday he received: duct tape, nunchucks, training knife and a smoke n gun with scope! Let’s see, all he needs now is a shovel and he’s ready for some kind of shady profession or a career with the Navy Seals or CIA???  After opening the mega gift they watched Thor and ate Birthday cake.

Morgan loved his camo cake!!! I have to say this was one of the easiest cakes I’ve ever made and so much fun too!! The kids loved it and decided that I should make it every time they go on a hunting trip! Wow that is gonna be ALOT of camo cakes!!! They said I could make a pink camo cake when Mary gets her turn to hunt!

All in all Morgan had a wonderful celebration. He was blown away by his gun for sure!!!! Trey is still going to take him on a Father/Son weekend trip as he did Elijah we just have to work it around school.


Cub Scout Lock-in

Joseph and Jordan’s first Cub Scout event!

They have some amazing rocket building skills as both of their water bottle rockets soared to great heights!!! If only Paw Paw in Texas could have been here. He certainly knows all about rocket building and launching with his cadets!

Jordan's Rocket


Joseph's Rocket


Most of the Cub Scout events are open to the entire family which works well for us. There are many other siblings that come so Mary always has someone to hang out with. There is a little girl who was in their kindergarten class last year that is both of their good friend so Mary, Jordan and said girl were exstatic to be reunited again!

Along with the rocket making and launching, hot dog roasting, dutch oven cobbler bake, craft for Jordan, camp fire songs and skit performing there was also a very fervent flag retirement ceremony.  All the scouts helped in cutting the old flags and then placing the colors in order on the fire. The Pack leader read all about the significance of the parts of the flag and the traditions of the retiring of old worn out flags. It was quite patriotic and an experience not to be forgotten.

Mary and I stayed till around 9:30 p.m. when all the cots and mattresses were being set up and tons of cub scouts changed into their pajamas.  They all got into their sleeping bags, air mattresses and cots and watched a movie on the churches big scene, had a late night snack and were off to sleep.  Trey was sound asleep throughout the movie Jordan said so he didn’t get any snack. This was a really fun event.  Jordan was so happy the entire time just so excited about each and every thing that happened!

Panama City Beach

Recently we were given an unexpected retreat from parents of dear friends of ours. The parents have several properties in Panama City Beach and offered us the use of one of their condos right on the water! We were thrilled and so we went down over a weekend. The offer was for a week but with kids in school that wasn’t possible. Of course some of our guys took the opportunity to point out that if they were home schooled we could have been at the beach ALL week not just the weekend! Ha!  Anyways, the weather was perfect not too hot or cool. As you can see we all had lots of fun!!!

This is the view from our balcony! Sparkling blue water and soft white sand!

Trey, Elijah and Morgan spent hours snorkeling with their spears. There were many close calls with gigging sheep heads, flounder and other schools of fish but Morgan triumphed when he came out of the water with his reward on his gig!! What a boy of the sea he is!!

They loved the water. They snorkeled, buggie board, dove, hunted for fish and other treasures, swam in the pool and gulf.

    Elijah and Joseph slept outside on the balcony and awoke to  a beautiful sunrise!

Jordan kept a journal the whole trip. He wrote on the way down, in the condo, in bed, on the balcony, tried to take it to the beach but I advised against it and on the way home. This is always a sure sign they are getting the hang of reading and writing and it’s really cute too!!

 We had a wonderful time at the oh so colorful condo in PCB. How do ya like my mini photo shoot and my “Pirates say,”R”” photo?  We are now owners of snorkeling gear and are ready for more beach trips to come.  We wanted to go all summer long and it just never worked out with our work schedules. This was a much better time to go and a lot less humid/hot and we were able to pop in on the Smokers in Dothan which just added more wonderful memories to the trip.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. and Mrs. C!!!!

Cotton Picken Kid

I’m not joking. . . Joseph picked a load of cotton out of the field next to the Smoker’s house. It’s not exactly the Smokers field so we discouraged any more children from stripping the fields clean of this white fluffy treasure. He was so thrilled with himself too!! He’s going to take it to school to show his class when they learn more about the cotton gin or something remotely related to cotton.

Smoker Shoutout!!

We recently popped in on some long time Church of the Good Shepherd  friends of ours who now live south of us in Dothan, AL.  We timed it just right to meet up with them after church to grab some pizzas, drinks and ice cream and head to their new home.  Trey and I use to live in the county of MS and moved to a neighborhood while Nate and Amy lived in the city in MS and moved WAY out in the country, like over the tracks, off the paved roads onto dirt clay, past the house with the horse in the drive way and bam there is their newly built tidy house in the middle of a cotton field complete with a miniature donkey and goats!:) We had a great time visiting with them and their growing family. They have had 2 more blessings since we last saw them in MS so it was lots of fun meeting their 2 newest girls Elisabeth 2 yrs  and Grace 5 months.

The Garrett/Smoker Gang

Wish I could claim all these, aren’t they adorable!! I am really embarrassed about my lack of photography skills with these group pictures. They were taken in a rush and I didn’t review them; most definitely should have taken them inside their beautiful home.

Introducing the marvelous Smoker Family


Elisabeth LOVED being held by EVERYONE at ALL times which we gladly did. Elijah was so sweet with her and she took right to him.  This was the first time for Mary and Abby to meet but they got along so well like they had been long time friends. Two beautiful girls!

Jordan and Jacob fell flat on their backs while I was taking their picture. They were a hoot together and played so hard.  Amy and I were pregnant together for these two J’s. Jordan came in March and Jacob arrived in July of 2005!

There aren’t many families up for 7 people dropping in on them, but we sure are glad Nate and Amy are!!!  We love you Smokers!!! You are welcome to drop in on us ANYTIME!!

Labor Day Birthday!

Labor Day was our sweet Lily’s 1st Birthday! Last year Lulu was in labor on Labor Day and gave birth to 9 . . . 9 Labrala puppies!!!!

To celebrate we had a cupcake for Lily and Lulu and then they each got a new chewing bone. Lily’s cupcake was gone in one inhaled bite but Lulu as usual took her dear sweet time and savored every nibble. The kids loved it as they sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lily!!!

We are so glad we kept Lily as our own. She is such a snuggler and just a sweet pup. She’s eager to please and loves playing with the kids and being with you at all times. Throughout the day I go from room to room quite often and she will follow me and lay in the kitchen while I’m in there then get up and follow me to another room to lay down and up and down she goes all day! We love you sweet Lily, Happy 1st Birthday!!!