Primary Care

Medical Symbol VectorImage by Vectorportal via Flickr

What’s the point in having a Primary Care Pediatric physician when I can NEVER get an appointment? Seriously I have been dealing with this issue since March maybe February.  I wanted to switch the kids pediatrician because the one we had moved clear across the other side of Birmingham and it is only her and another doctor in her new office. With having 5 kids and more to come I wanted to join a larger practice to better our odds of actually being able to be seen.  So I sent a “Request for transfer of files” to new Pediatrician office in early Spring. The new office said they would take all 5 kids to just have files sent BUT they were not making any Well CHeck-ups at the time; however if they were to get sick just call and they would get them in. Fortunately there was not a need to go to doctor until now.  Poor Joseph and Jordan have been sick on and off for a week now and both were vomiting again last night. I called at 8:00 am to office to have them seen and the new office says they have NO RECORDS of ANY of the children.  In the Spring I went round and round between the old Pediatrician and new one to have the records sent and I was told they did indeed get sent out to new office.  This is so frustrating as I have sick kids needing to be seen and we are stuck in limbo as neither new office or previous office says they have our files!!! So my question is what is the point in having so many skillful doctors, clinics, facilities when they are either not taking new patients or loosing our records thus preventing our child from getting treatment?!  Some say just go to ER but this doesn’t warrant and ER lengthy visit and 5X the price.  We have gone to the Urgent Cares in the past which have led to misdiagnosis and shotty care. I just want to get them established somewhere and have a thorough examination with a doctor trained to care specifically for them. The whole thing is SO FRUSTRATING !! Mary has her last Post Placement report due in a month or two and so she needs another exam for that report. I  had planned to try to have her appointment scheduled while I was in there today with the boys. As of now it is nearly 11:00 am and I’m still waiting on the New Office to call me back, fat chance of even getting them seen today!!! This is Jordan’s second absence of the school year too. What a rough start for the little guy. Well, not a very exciting post today but this is Reality and what we’re going through right now. On the plus side, I have the whole week off and Trey is out of state for 3 days so it’s the perfect time to have sick kids as I don’t have to make frantic arrangements for the children or work!


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