Twas the Night Before 1st Day of School

Snack Bowl refilled: Check^

Back Packs hung by front door: ChecK^

Snack Bags ready to be filled with whatever child picks in a.m.: Check^

3rd grade Summer Reading assignment finished;which we only found out about 2 days ago and tracked down copy of book about 9 p.m. last night!: Check^

Lunch account checks written: Check^. . . literally!

Cloths have been ironed, Morgan ironed his own and are laying nicely at end of beds. Shoes picked out, gym shorts found and kids bathed and in bed at an appropriate hour. Special back to school prayers were prayed over them and now (hopefully) they are fast asleep deep in lala land.  The 2 Middle Schoolers will ride the bus to school but our 3 Elementary want to be driven so that is the plan for the morning. Butterflies and anxiety are to a minimum this year as they all just met their teachers this week and checked out their new rooms and desk.  They are not really thrilled about heading back to school would rather it never come but know it’s their duty.  I’m sure they will be more excited as they come home telling us about all their friends they haven’t seen over the summer and the new ones they’ve made. As for me,whatever will I do with myself with all 5 away in school? . . .  Tennis lessons  with my mega,dreamy, championship, Ace, super star husband!!!! He has moved up in points and is totally THE MAN!!! and so we finally get to date again:)!


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