Boys of Summer

This summer the boys have been actively stocking their supply of weapons they’ve made from sticks and duct tape and rope. They have built on to their tree house/fort and have played many games of Jail Break and hide-n-seek. Although it is 90+ degree weather they dress in long sleeves, jackets, hats and sometimes gloves to disguise themselves as part of their Spy gear.

They have had a fun-filled summer full of boyness. They are definitely not ready for school to start back, neither am I. We busted their summer splendor yesterday when we gave them their new school back packs. They were a bit bummed thinking about having to go back to school.

I must admit I’m not ready for the business school brings. All the forms to fill out, checking binders, keeping up with lunch accounts, all the various assignments and after school events. I really love having little ones running outside using their imagination and creativity to their fullness.

There’s just something about freckled face, sunburned, sweaty head, tanned, barefoot, curly-haired, sweet musky little boys that touch my heart!! Love them so much!!!


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