Alabama Adventure

It has only take us five years of living here to go to Alabama Adveture.  Aunt Jenn Jenn came up with Ashleigh, Dalton and Keegan for some more cousin time and so she could hold down the fort while I worked and Trey was in Japan. 

Morgan and Ashleigh on Scramble with wooden roller coaster in background

The kids had a blast on all the amusement park rides. It was great in that there were plenty of rides that Mary, Dalton and Keegan could ride without an adult which made them feel BIG!  Joseph was super excited that he was 49 inches so he could ride the Big Kid rides too!  We did the rides first then went out to the car for a tailgate lunch, applied more sunblock and off to cool down in the water park side.  Unfortunately we had another afternoon thunder and lightning storm and loads of rain that cut our water time short.  Poor Elijah never even got wet as he was waiting at the top of a water slide when the life guards stopped everything due to lightning:(   The kids hung out in the arcade and gift shops while we waited it out and they devoured a funnel cake until the park finally officially closed due to the weather.  Thankfully we were given vouchers so that we could come back again and soak up all the water park this time with Daddy!!!!

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