PTC Net Hawks

Trey has gotten back into tennis and boy has he excelled! He joined a flex league last year and has played in a handful of competitions where he kept advancing. At the end of June the local team he plays with at Pehlam Tennis Club went down to Mobile, AL to play for in the State Championship. Our children stayed in MS with my parents and Trey and I had a marvelous time in Mobile together. It was so hot in the high 90’s the entire time with only shade I made using an umbrella which would have made the kids miserable so we were glad my parents kept them for us. It was so good to just have time to spend together and I was able to watch every moment of every match.

Trey and his doubles partner, Barry Rhea rocked the courts winning all four of their first matches!!!! They powered thru on Saturday night winning in a tie breaker that advanced their team into the finals on Sunday morning. 

Unfortunately they just lost by 2 in the Sunday tie breaker loosing their match along with 3 other team mates.  All the guys were a bit bummed about not winning State, but honestly they all played so well throughout the super hot four-day event. Barry and Trey’s record for the weekend was 4:1!!!  On the happy side the team recently found out that the other local team that won over them in State Defaulted and so PTC Net Hawks are now invited to the Sectionals at the end of July!!! Trey just can’t believe it, he’s so excited!!!


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