Trails of Africa

Yesterday we met up with some friends at the zoo to see the new Trails of Africa exhibit. We haven’t been to the zoo in over 2 years so there have been lots of changes. The kids had a great time seeing the new exhibit and getting to see the animals active as we went in the morning before the heat drove them to just laying in shadey spots.  They really liked watching the gorilla eat his watermelon and the tiger licking his bloody meatcicle.  The amazingly colorful Lorikeet were a huge hit too!

Boys of Summer

This summer the boys have been actively stocking their supply of weapons they’ve made from sticks and duct tape and rope. They have built on to their tree house/fort and have played many games of Jail Break and hide-n-seek. Although it is 90+ degree weather they dress in long sleeves, jackets, hats and sometimes gloves to disguise themselves as part of their Spy gear.

They have had a fun-filled summer full of boyness. They are definitely not ready for school to start back, neither am I. We busted their summer splendor yesterday when we gave them their new school back packs. They were a bit bummed thinking about having to go back to school.

I must admit I’m not ready for the business school brings. All the forms to fill out, checking binders, keeping up with lunch accounts, all the various assignments and after school events. I really love having little ones running outside using their imagination and creativity to their fullness.

There’s just something about freckled face, sunburned, sweaty head, tanned, barefoot, curly-haired, sweet musky little boys that touch my heart!! Love them so much!!!

Alabama Adventure

It has only take us five years of living here to go to Alabama Adveture.  Aunt Jenn Jenn came up with Ashleigh, Dalton and Keegan for some more cousin time and so she could hold down the fort while I worked and Trey was in Japan. 

Morgan and Ashleigh on Scramble with wooden roller coaster in background

The kids had a blast on all the amusement park rides. It was great in that there were plenty of rides that Mary, Dalton and Keegan could ride without an adult which made them feel BIG!  Joseph was super excited that he was 49 inches so he could ride the Big Kid rides too!  We did the rides first then went out to the car for a tailgate lunch, applied more sunblock and off to cool down in the water park side.  Unfortunately we had another afternoon thunder and lightning storm and loads of rain that cut our water time short.  Poor Elijah never even got wet as he was waiting at the top of a water slide when the life guards stopped everything due to lightning:(   The kids hung out in the arcade and gift shops while we waited it out and they devoured a funnel cake until the park finally officially closed due to the weather.  Thankfully we were given vouchers so that we could come back again and soak up all the water park this time with Daddy!!!!

PTC Net Hawks

Trey has gotten back into tennis and boy has he excelled! He joined a flex league last year and has played in a handful of competitions where he kept advancing. At the end of June the local team he plays with at Pehlam Tennis Club went down to Mobile, AL to play for in the State Championship. Our children stayed in MS with my parents and Trey and I had a marvelous time in Mobile together. It was so hot in the high 90’s the entire time with only shade I made using an umbrella which would have made the kids miserable so we were glad my parents kept them for us. It was so good to just have time to spend together and I was able to watch every moment of every match.

Trey and his doubles partner, Barry Rhea rocked the courts winning all four of their first matches!!!! They powered thru on Saturday night winning in a tie breaker that advanced their team into the finals on Sunday morning. 

Unfortunately they just lost by 2 in the Sunday tie breaker loosing their match along with 3 other team mates.  All the guys were a bit bummed about not winning State, but honestly they all played so well throughout the super hot four-day event. Barry and Trey’s record for the weekend was 4:1!!!  On the happy side the team recently found out that the other local team that won over them in State Defaulted and so PTC Net Hawks are now invited to the Sectionals at the end of July!!! Trey just can’t believe it, he’s so excited!!!