1st Little People Meeting

Sunday Mary and I went to her 1st gathering of Little People.  It has taken a while but thankfully we have now been able to contact more LP children in our area. We all met at a yogurt shop after Sunday lunch for some yummy dessert and getting to know one another.

Mary loved the frozen yogurt and all the sweet treats on top but wasn’t too sure about why we were sitting with all these strangers. “Who are these people?” she asked.

She sat on my lap most of the time and did not once interact with the other little girl in pink that is her same age. She waved at the baby a few times and watched the little fella on the end play on his mom’s cell phone.

Sweet bunch of kiddos with some really nice parents too. It was so good to get to meet the people I’ve talked to via Facebook and emails.

I asked Mary if she could tell that the children were “Little” just like her and she said, “No they just look regular like all my friends.”  Well, at least we got that first meeting out-of-the-way maybe next visit will be more interactive.  All in all I don’t think she really understood why we met with these other children but she was just glad to have Mommy and me time and eat a treat!


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