Knocked Out

It all started with this

and resulted in this

Poor Jordan took quite a blow from Joseph’s head resulting in a premature  loose tooth! Wow what a doosy!!! There was lots of crying and hysterics over seeing and tasting blood. . .  Elijah went to get a baggie of ice. . . Mommy took pictures to show our dentist in the morning (wink, wink. . .Jordan has caught onto my blogging so at times he wishes NOT to be photographed).

I was looking for some topical anesthetic (numbing  jelly) when the crying stopped and Jordan said, “Oh, all better, I Pulled It!!!”  He had the biggest smile on his toothless face and was ever so pleased with himself!

We had poured bubbles onto the slip-n-slide to make it more slick for ultimate sliding and Joseph took lots of bubbles and water in one eye. Instead of getting off the slide he ran up it toward the hose to rinse his eye, Jordan was most likely annoyed that Joseph wouldn’t get off the slide and ran with all his might down the slide resulting in a major collision!!!!

Not only did this tooth get knocked out but also the right central and the left lateral are now moderately loose. Hopefully they will tighten back up and hang around for a little while longer. I’ll take him into my office and get some X-rays to check the status of the others. Fortunately these centrals were the next ones to be lost in the sequence so he should be just fine, minus the trauma of it all.

I can just here the future brotherly roasting now, “Oh yeah, I knocked one tooth out and I’ll knock the rest out!!!”  or  “Hey brother you owe me! You knocked out my Tooth!!!”:)


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