Fun Lunch


Momma and kiddos patiently waiting to be seated at Sweet Bones Alabama



We had such a fun lunch that day and all had arrived hungry, but we ended up leaving with 4 boxes of food which fed us that evening plus some!




1st Little People Meeting

Sunday Mary and I went to her 1st gathering of Little People.  It has taken a while but thankfully we have now been able to contact more LP children in our area. We all met at a yogurt shop after Sunday lunch for some yummy dessert and getting to know one another.

Mary loved the frozen yogurt and all the sweet treats on top but wasn’t too sure about why we were sitting with all these strangers. “Who are these people?” she asked.

She sat on my lap most of the time and did not once interact with the other little girl in pink that is her same age. She waved at the baby a few times and watched the little fella on the end play on his mom’s cell phone.

Sweet bunch of kiddos with some really nice parents too. It was so good to get to meet the people I’ve talked to via Facebook and emails.

I asked Mary if she could tell that the children were “Little” just like her and she said, “No they just look regular like all my friends.”  Well, at least we got that first meeting out-of-the-way maybe next visit will be more interactive.  All in all I don’t think she really understood why we met with these other children but she was just glad to have Mommy and me time and eat a treat!

Knocked Out

It all started with this

and resulted in this

Poor Jordan took quite a blow from Joseph’s head resulting in a premature  loose tooth! Wow what a doosy!!! There was lots of crying and hysterics over seeing and tasting blood. . .  Elijah went to get a baggie of ice. . . Mommy took pictures to show our dentist in the morning (wink, wink. . .Jordan has caught onto my blogging so at times he wishes NOT to be photographed).

I was looking for some topical anesthetic (numbing  jelly) when the crying stopped and Jordan said, “Oh, all better, I Pulled It!!!”  He had the biggest smile on his toothless face and was ever so pleased with himself!

We had poured bubbles onto the slip-n-slide to make it more slick for ultimate sliding and Joseph took lots of bubbles and water in one eye. Instead of getting off the slide he ran up it toward the hose to rinse his eye, Jordan was most likely annoyed that Joseph wouldn’t get off the slide and ran with all his might down the slide resulting in a major collision!!!!

Not only did this tooth get knocked out but also the right central and the left lateral are now moderately loose. Hopefully they will tighten back up and hang around for a little while longer. I’ll take him into my office and get some X-rays to check the status of the others. Fortunately these centrals were the next ones to be lost in the sequence so he should be just fine, minus the trauma of it all.

I can just here the future brotherly roasting now, “Oh yeah, I knocked one tooth out and I’ll knock the rest out!!!”  or  “Hey brother you owe me! You knocked out my Tooth!!!”:)

Mrs. Conn’s Kindergarten Class

Mary and Jordan had their End of the Year Celebration today with pizza, cookie cake and poem recital and songs.  Their teacher, Mrs. Conn was so sweet to put together this wonderful slide show of all they did throughout the year. There were so many events I didn’t get to do with them because of work or not getting my name drawn to be a field trip chaperone so I greatly appreciate her putting this together for us. I just love the songs too!!!

Thank you Mrs. Conn for being a fantastic teacher to Jordan and Mary!! They love you so much and will miss you dearly!!!

YEA!!!!!  Bring on Summer Vacation!!!!!

 Wish I could share the slide show with you, I have tried loading it many times and just can’t get it figured out so will keep trying and perhaps get it up eventually.