Greenville Again

If we were given the option to move to Greenville, SC with Trey’s company I would without hesitation say, “YES!!! How soon?!” We absolutely love going there with Trey each and every chance we get. The company has done lots of projects there with more to come for sure which pleases us to be able to return again and again! We always go to the park in the middle of down town, I really should find out its proper name. The kids love browsing and getting stuff from Opey Taylor’s Toy Store.  Trey and I always find something nice at Mass General and then we all go to the back of the store to the Candy Shop.  Everyone loves picking out their pieces of candy from the candy barrels and then weighing them. There are several other shops we like to go to along our stroll but these are our favorites.

 We only had Joseph, Jordan and Mary with us on this trip to Greenville as Elijah and Morgan were on the “Older Grandkids” End-of-school suprise trip with Pawpaw and Grammy!  We headed to Greenville and the rest of the gang headed to Tennessee.  Trey had his meetings and site visits at the hospital and then we went North to visit Christian, Karen, Emma, Connor and Lulu’s son, Huck , in Matthews, NC.  Lulu and Lily were with us on this trip since the hotel was pet friendly and for the Mommy, brother, sister puppy reunion. All three dogs got along wonderfully and had the best time together.


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