Presents from Japan

Maiko-henshin in Gion

Trey has become quite the International traveler lately. Ironically he missed Easter again this year. While the children enjoyed their Easter baskets he was all the way over in Japan! We sure missed spending Easter all together but the fun things Daddy brings back is always quite exciting!

Daddy brought back some great happies for everyone. The kids dove right in using their new chopsticks and the big boys loved their Power bands. The 3 little ones got really colorful wind socks that we hung over the table for a while then out in our little tree.  Yummy chocolates and other candy were devoured. I absolutely love the beautiful bracelet and earings set, absolutely stunning and the hotel lounge wear is adorable.  Trey and I have enjoyed the Japanese coffee he brought back and my new mug he purchased at Climax Coffee. . . Now that’s GREAT Coffee!!!!

Pretty in Pink


My pretties in their Easter outfits. I just love them all in pastel!  Here are the shots Momma likes. . . 

and here are the SILLIES they like!!!

Egg-citing Fun!!!

One can never get enough egg hunts or at least that’s what my kiddos say.  This makes for the 2nd Easter egg hunt that the 3 youngest have hunted. Last weekend they hunted eggs while Elijah, Morgan and Daddy were at a baseball game.  Today’s egg hunt was one that Elijah wanted to join but couldn’t as he was on a weekend retreat through Big Time Ministries.  With the business of the week we have yet to dye eggs, however;  they have been boiled and are ready for some vibrant coloring tomorrow once Elijah is back with our gang.  Dear Elijah loves the dying of the eggs and we don’t want to color them without him. Besides hunting a massive amount of plastic filled eggs, the kiddies enjoyed a children’s ministry performance of singing and dancing, puppet show (hilarious!), skits and the “real” Easter story. They also had several inflatable to jump, climb and bounce in!  Yippee!!! They had a blast as you can see!!!!

State Archery Competition

Morgan checking out the new bow case Daddy bought at the tournament

Thursday, April 21 Morgan competed in the State Archery Tournament in Birmingham with his Intermediate team consisting of 4th and 5th graders.

Prior to the official competition Morgan competed in shooting life like mounts consisting of a wolf, mountain goat, ram, coyote, black bear, brown bear, antelope and white tail deer.  He did really well and Trey said most of the shots were definately kill shots.

After shooting  5 arrows, the archers would then walk to the target and the scorers and archers would identify which arrows belong to whom and then the scorer and archer would tally up their score for that round.

Morgan did awesome!! He had a lower score on each of his first rounds at the 10 ft and then the 15ft but he would power back and load up the yellow on his 2nd and 3rd rounds!! He had a great attitude and enjoyed his time with his fellow archers. Oh, his final score for the day was 245!!!! Way to go Morgan!! Next is the National competition in Kentucky in May.  We are still waiting to find out where our school placed for this State competition and then see if he gets the invitation to go to Nationals.

All Mine

No Sir, I do not run a daycare they are All Mine (Ours).

Yes, I know what causes that.

Yes, hopefully we will have more through adoption.

No, we’re not better than you.

Yes, I’m sure you could do it if you really wanted to.

No, we are the lucky ones, not the children. God has given us many Blessings.

No, I do not want my own TLC reality show.

Yes, my husband has a good job why do you ask?

No, I don’t have a lot of patience I have as much as others it’s a virtue that I pray for daily some days are better than others.

Yes, I do love kids but I love my husband more.

No, I’m not trying to keep up with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, but I think she’s wonderful!!! We love the Duggars!!! Besides I have a LONG way to go to catch up!!

No, I don’t miss sleep worring about how to send them all to a prestigious 4+ year college. I never signed that contract. Yes, I think they all could certainly get in but that may not be their path or desire.

Yes ,we are very busy and love it!

Yes, I do taxi them everywhere, I even have a large yellow Jeep we call “The Bus”.

Yes, I work outside the home, I’m a dental hygienist.

No,we don’t have a nanny, maid, lawn service.

Yes, my husband is an extremely devoted Dad.

No, we don’t have much time to ourselves we do family things together.

Yes, Birthday’s , Christmas’ and Holidays are a blast!!!!

Yes, they’re really are All Ours.

Thank you, we think they’re pretty great kids too!!


‘Round here there’s pretty much non-stop comedy going on.  We just have that kind of house hold that ya never know what’s gonna happen next or what you’ll find some kid or dog doing.  Having Lily now is like having a newly crawling infant or toddler, if it’s too quiet ya better go check things out!!! On such an occasion I found sweet Lily taking one of her many naps in Mary’s recliner!!  I had never even thought she would consider this tiny recliner an option for nap time but here she is all curled up dreaming of digging up all my flowers no doubt!! My flash woke her up but she didn’t even consider getting up, she easily drifted back to sleep.

The Ramp

 Spring is definately here and we are loving it!! Kids are outside shooting hoops, swimming in kiddie pools, playing in sand box and riding bikes and ramping.  The most current fad going on here is ramping bikes. This is Joseph’s WipeOut ramp which he so proudly demonstrated.  He rode over it with ease and had the biggest smile on his face at the end!!!!

Way to go Joseph!!! You bravely made it across the WipeOut Ramp without wiping out!!!!  You Rock!!!