Happy Birthday Jordan!!!!!!

Today is Jordan’s  6th Birthday!!!!!!

We celebrated a few days earlier but today, March 15 is my babies Birthday!! He was so thrilled getting to finally open up his presents!!!

A new belt because Joseph has on too and he's super cool!

Hex Bugs were the big rave for Jordan this year.  I really wasn’t sure he actually knew what they were, but  the closer it got to his Birthday I got more continuous  reminders of the Hex Bugs things.  Turns out they are everything this little boy wanted  and he’s had a ball chasing them around the house and watching the smallest of them all wiggle around in its areana.

Jordan was blessed with a new belt, his favorite candies, Hex Bugs, Star Wars books and coloring book and thanks to Dr. Seuss week at school, Yertle the Turtle book! He told me, “I just love Yertle the Turtle it’s my favorite book!”‘

Joseph gave Jordan his Ironman glove!

From Joseph to Jordan best brother I'v ever had.

Joseph was so kind and picked out some of his very own toys that he knew Jordan really really liked or wanted and he wrapped them all up all by himself.  The ultimate gift was the treasured AT-AT Walker that was Joseph’s BIG Christmas present!!!  He was such a cheerful giver and gave from his heart!

Why the black and white and yellow balloons?  Jordan said those are his favorite colors because he likes all those colors of people!! I just love him so much!!

By request: Chicken nuggets, strawberries and macaroni & cheese with bread crumbs on top!

Happy Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!!!!


Climbing Mountains

North Face of Mt. Everest

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Some times the smallest things can bring the kids so much joy, like Mama finally stopping by the soccer fields where there are more or less cliffs along the fields and parking and where they asked CONSTANTLY  “Please can we go climb the mountain!?”.  After one of Joseph’s basketball games I took the three little ones to their “mountain” so they could have some climbing time.   It ain’t no Everest but to them it had several challenges that they conquered as they scales the steep dusty slopes.

From time to time I get the feeling that this is not something that most parents let their kids do mainly because most other adults seem overly compelled to tell me that my kids are scaling cliffs or walls or trees tops or fences or batting cages and virtually any vertical object!  I’m like, “Yeah don’t you see me right here below them ready to catch them if need be and cheering them on for their accomplishments, duh!!”  Of course I don’t actually say this but smile and say, “yes they’re mine, they’re fine ,but thank you”.  

I want all my children to always be adventurous and to push themselves to try to accomplish great things.  It doesn’t matter if they’ve done it before, if they are good or bad at it or height deprived or perhaps missing limbs.  I don’t want them to just play it safe, I want them to soar and climb those mountains and if they fall it’s okay at least they took the risk and  their Mama will always be right there to catch them! 

The Big Picture

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

To say our home study is not going according to plan would be an understatement!  Never in a million years would I have thought this would be the difficult part in pursuing a 2nd/3rd adoption but it is.  While we do not agree with our SW on all things adoption/raising children we will do what we must to bring our precious ones home. Mean while we continue to love and care for the little ones in our home such as Mary: once an orphan now loved by her very own Daddy and Mommy and four brothers.

We will love and comfort Miss I who stayed with us for the weekend while her Foster parents were away. We have plenty of beds for all of them to sleep in alone but this is how our children prefer to slumber. I just wish the SW would see it isn’t all beds, required windows, perceived this’s and that’s create a proper home for a child.  It is far more than that and we so want to be able to give it to another son and daughter!

Praying that those involved in our adoption will really see The Big Picture!

“Delight thyself in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of the heart.”  Psalm 37:4



Only 2

A 10 month old female Vizsla

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Awe poor pups are recuperating after they went under the knife-Both of them!!!  We had originally wanted to EVENTUALLY breed Lulu with another Vizsla and get some pretty amazing pups but we all know our little gal was taken advantage of by the neighbors Lab and then he moved hence our NINE Labralas!!!! 

While the Labralas are incredible pups and we have been blessed with sweet Lily out of the unplanned pregnancy we just didn’t want a reoccurring theme!  We agreed while we indeed plan to grow our family with children we do not want to continue with doggie pregnancies. 

Lulu was really hurting the first day home and Lily mostly slept but other than that seemed unfazed at all. We had a couple of vomiting instances and  had to encourage Lulu to eat but now they are both doing fine. We really have to fuss at them for playing too rough now so that they can continue to heal.  It is lovely having peace of mind that these 2 dogs will be our only family dogs for a while!