Warning:   The following are graphic, detailed, bloody images viewer discretion is advised!!!

War even as a game can cause bodily harm. The ultimate battle has been all the buzz this whole week as the boys prepare for War.  They have been gathering their arsenal, fashioning shields, sword, daggers and more for the war game.  They have formed teams among the masses of boys in the neighborhood and have even formed alliances together.  The battle field was in our extensive back yard and Elijah was the first casualty!

A misthrown stick unfortunately hit Elijah and pierced the bridge of his nose.  It was completely unintentional and the poor lad that let it go is just beside himself with grief.  He is so upset for causing harm to Elijah. We told him over and over it was okay and Elijah ended up hugging and comforting him. Two sweet boys.  Anyways it was absolutely an accident and simply an outcome of war.  Thank goodness they were only using sticks, bamboo and other variations of wood without metal!!

When I used peroxide to clean the wound it immediately drained out of his nose! Trey called a friend for advice on which hospital system to take him too and soon they were on their way to Children’s Hospital. At one point we had 11 people mostly troops from the battle in our bathroom/bedroom. Thank goodness we had a home tour yesterday and all was super tidy!!! Nothing like having the neighborhood in your private quarters!!

Trey called and said they triage Elijah and now they have settled in for the long wait to get stitches. They are a level yellow which is a 2-4 hour wait. Morgan went with them and they all took a cold drink and their books so they are doing fine.  At least they aren’t level green which is 4-6+  hours wait!!

Oh I nearly forgot. . . on the way to the hospital Elijah said he was fine and he wanted to keep his wound because he could breathe out of it!!!! AHHHH!!   So Trey, Elijah and Morgan will spend their evening at a packed out Children’s hospital while the 3 littles and I get baths,pj’s, dinner, dessert and cozy down with a movie. 

Elijah had a pretty good tract record; 13 years and this was his very first ER visit!!

Too much fun!

Tonight both Morgan and Elijah spent the night with friends. Morgan left with his buddy around 5pm and Elijah just left about 8pm.  Elijah will never leave even to catch the bus without a hug and kiss so like always he kissed and hugged me goodnight. I said goodnight, have a good time. .  . but not too much fun (behave yourself!). 


While Elijah was heading out the door I heard Joseph (8 yrs) holler out,   “Yeah not too much fun we already have enough kids!!!”. 


Mama says WHAT!!!    I beckoned for Joseph to come to my room and asked him to repeat what he said to which he said what I thought he said. Okay, so I asked him what he meant by that and he plainly said,  ” if you have too much fun you’ll get more kids.”  


 Now I’m getting worried!!! So I ask him how do you get more kids? Oh no here it comes my 8-year-old has some how found out way more than I want him to know and WHERE and WHEN did he find out about it!!!  So here it comes he looks me straight in my eyes and says,


ADOPTION  !!!!”  and off he skipped to finish his ice cream.


WHEW!!!!! EXHALE!!!!  Dodged that bullet!!! Yes, innocence prevails for another day!


Dalton update:  Praise the Lord,  he made it through the biopsy without showing any signs of stroke or weakness to any side of his body.  He was kept in ICU of course for only one day and is out now and in a regular room.  He’s mainly been laying down enjoying popsicles and TV, but as expected due to anesthesia and other meds had some vomiting when sitting upright.   He is really doing extremely well and completely disgusted for having to wear a diaper!! He’s eaten lightly, but well and is now asking to take a bath not to actually bath of course but to play!!!  He will be discharged sometime today but will stay in the  Memphis area until his next appointment next Wednesday.  We are thrilled to hear about Dalton and his spunk!!  This all seems unbelievable that a child can have BRAIN surgery (biopsy) on Thursday and be discharged on Friday!!! Bizarre and miraculous at the same time!!  Praise God from whom all Blessings flow!!!  We’re working out the details so that we can drive up for a short visit with Dalton, his daddy and mommy (my sister).    Please keep Dalton’s big sister and little brother in your prayers as they will have to remain separated from their parents and Dalton for just a little bit longer. I know they are eager to be back in their parents arms.

Thank you all for fervently praying for this sweet boy and his family!! Please keep them lifted up.

Dalton gives the tightest, sweetest hugs!!!

Jordan has such a heart for Dalton, he is always asking when are we going to MS to see Dalton!!

Prayers for Dalton

Dalton and Morgan

Lord, we praise You and thank you for putting this precious little boy into all of our lives.  We ask You to be with his Mommy and Daddy in Memphis as Dalton has a biopsy on an aggressive deep brain tumor.  Lord, we know You already know all of this and You have already written Dalton’s story but we come to you on knees to lift this dear one to You.  We ask for healing on his body and strength, endurance and sound mind for his parents and the doctors that prepare to treat Dalton.  Dalton is loved by so many and we just want him to return to us as his happy delightful self.  We love you Father, help us to see what you want us to see out of Dalton’s condition, surgery, chemo, radiation and if you desire his healing.

Dalton you are covered in prayers!!!!  We love you little man!!!!