Joseph’s 8th!

January 30, 2011-    Happy 8th Birthday Joseph!!






Opening presents from Morgan


Morgan gave Joseph a plastic knife, paper throwing stars and Lego Star Wars  clone troopers which all belonged to Morgan, but were things Joseph really really wished were his.  Joseph couldn’t believe Morgan actually gifted them!! Morgan really knows Joseph and gave his things from his heart!

Jordan looks on as Joseph opens the gift he picked out for his buddy. 

Joseph thanks Jordan for his gift!


Airsoft gun from Elijah!


New shirt and skinny jeans for the boy who ONLY wears jeans, Always!!!

I think he likes it!!


Hot off the press newest Magic Tree House book!!!


Cookies from Mammaw and Pawpaw


BIRTHDAY CASH (check)!!!!! from Pawpaw & Mammaw!!!


Trey had some fun aiming the air soft gun’s laser light on Joseph’s nose and in his mouth in the previous picture!!

  Jordan had determined that this would be Joseph’s Best birthday Ever!!!  So he picked out the Star Wars plates, balloons, a present and wanted to buy him even more presents and then we just HAD to have Silly String too!!

Let the Silly String Wars begin .     .      .

Daddy and Mommy with Birthday Boy!!

   Joseph told Jordan he wanted the chocolate cake with chunks of chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries from Publix! It’s so helpful when they know exactly what they want and where I can get it!!

Joseph had a great 8 th Birthday with family. After lunch and opening presents and playing, Trey took him on his first hunting trip where there wasn’t much moving but Joseph did get in a really long nap. 

We are so blessed and  happy to celebrate another year with our Joseph.  Happy Birthday to our Enormously energetic, Impulsive, Giddy, Hysterically humorous,  Third son!!! We love you so very much!!!!

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