Winter Wonderland Dance

Our Winter Wonderland man, don’t the Converses just make the outfit?! 

Last night was the Middle School’s Winter Wonderland Dance.  Elijah is on student council so he stayed after school till 5:30 p.m  to help transform the ordinary cafeteria into a beautiful purple and silver balloon wonderland.  It was really pretty with a balloon arch at the front and white lights decorating potted trees, silver globe light in center of course.  I don’t know where they get them but they had these gigantic balls or balloons hanging from the ceiling as well as groupings of smaller balloon just well done for middle schoolers. 

Head tilt sport'n the longer hair style. He says Justin Beiber's Mom says she likes the Elijah Garrett cut that Justin wears!!! Too funny!


He makes 13 look good! What a JOY he is!!!

 Anyways, Elijah loves being on student council and getting to do a lot of  leg work and being on the inside happenings of events.  I asked what all he does at these dances and he said he gets to be DJ, make sure everyone is having a good time,  takes care of people if they need anything and just have fun with friends.  He is SO his father and I love it!!!  Mr. Personality!!



Look'n like West Side Story!!!

Morgan thought Elijah needed a sports jacket  which would have been nice if Elijah had one, but he doesn’t so Morgan offered him his leather coat.  Problem was it just wasn’t cold enough to warrant one.  Morgan decided to ride along with Trey to drop off his best bud/brother. Soon enough he will be at these dances with his brother.


 Morgan our 11-year-old a.k.a “The Bouncer”

I don’t know, I can’t explain it, he’s just got this incredible sense of humor!!

“Bye Mom, I love you!”. . . Be still my heart!

2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Dance

  1. Loved all of the photos of Elijah and Morgan. They are truly growing up too fast! Enjoyed all of the snow day photos too….so much fun! Love you and the great job you do of logging the family’s adventures!


    • Thanks, it’s No scrapbooking but will have to do, just not enough time to cut,paste,tape and organize. I would love to do some digital scrapbooks and print them yearly but for now blogging will atleast account for some of their happenings! It’s fun to go back and reread old post cause it’s amazing how one forgets exactly what all we did a year ago. Glad family and friends can stay connected with us through the blog!!!


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