ICE Day!!!!!

I just can’t bring myself to call it a “snow”day due to . . . well the absolute lack of snow.  The boys were creative and came up with a four-man ski or something like it to slide down the ice.

Daddy's gonna show them how it's done!

Go Daddy! Go!!

Whoa Daddy takes a digger!!

Yikes Daddy are you okay!!?

Sweet Lily making sure Daddy is okay!

Jordan gave it a try on the cardboard sled and he slid just fine!!  Joseph took a quick spill on our ice yard as he was showing me his AT-AT Walkers in battle.

Nothing but Ice on our grill and deck!

Elijah and Jordan have been sledding buddies all morning and Morgan suited up with ammo to go on a deep freeze squirrel hunt!  Everyone is now back home into warm p.j.’s/dry cloths with bellies full of hot chocolate.  I think that is really their favorite part about going out into the cold, there is always hot chocolate or hot tea waiting for them.  It is also about the only time they get to have long hot soaking baths in the middle of the day!! 

Oh and where is Mary you ask?  She was just waking up when the boys had already been out playing for a while.  She is the very late sleeper around here and she told me that it was way to cold and she didn’t want to play outside in that ice snow!!

2 thoughts on “ICE Day!!!!!

    • Yum chili sounds great on a day like today!! Just pulled out some pizzas and heated up some Wan-ton soup from China Garden for our lunch!


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