One less

Miss Mary hit another milestone on January 2, 2011- She lost her first tooth!!

It has been loose for quite a while and she has asked me several times if it was ready to come out to which I said no we will try tomorrow.  It was really bothering her so I did my dental hygiene push and twist on it and it came out without incident if you don’t count the gush of water coming from Mary’s eyes!!! Oh my goodness, so the drama!!! I told her she was okay and to go rinse her mouth out at the sink. When I came in she was just standing there with blood pooling in her mouth so I put her up and had her spit out and rinse.  She saw the blood and just had a melt down like “I’m bleeding, I’m dying!! Tell my best friend she can have my dollies!!!”.  After having her take several deep breaths and looking me in my eyes I was able to calm her down and wash her face.  Jordan came in and immediately wanted to see the tooth which ended the tears and ushered in the excitement and thrill of loosing her first tooth!!!

She was so excited to show Daddy her missing tooth!!!

There is already a lose tooth #2 but I’m leaning to letting it fall out by itself!  I have been hoping she would lose her teeth later than sooner, just don’t know how it’s gonna be remotely possible for permanent teeth to occupy her dentition?  Here’s wishing her permanent teeth are as micro as her primary ones.

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