Joseph’s 8th!

January 30, 2011-    Happy 8th Birthday Joseph!!






Opening presents from Morgan


Morgan gave Joseph a plastic knife, paper throwing stars and Lego Star Wars  clone troopers which all belonged to Morgan, but were things Joseph really really wished were his.  Joseph couldn’t believe Morgan actually gifted them!! Morgan really knows Joseph and gave his things from his heart!

Jordan looks on as Joseph opens the gift he picked out for his buddy. 

Joseph thanks Jordan for his gift!


Airsoft gun from Elijah!


New shirt and skinny jeans for the boy who ONLY wears jeans, Always!!!

I think he likes it!!


Hot off the press newest Magic Tree House book!!!


Cookies from Mammaw and Pawpaw


BIRTHDAY CASH (check)!!!!! from Pawpaw & Mammaw!!!


Trey had some fun aiming the air soft gun’s laser light on Joseph’s nose and in his mouth in the previous picture!!

  Jordan had determined that this would be Joseph’s Best birthday Ever!!!  So he picked out the Star Wars plates, balloons, a present and wanted to buy him even more presents and then we just HAD to have Silly String too!!

Let the Silly String Wars begin .     .      .

Daddy and Mommy with Birthday Boy!!

   Joseph told Jordan he wanted the chocolate cake with chunks of chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries from Publix! It’s so helpful when they know exactly what they want and where I can get it!!

Joseph had a great 8 th Birthday with family. After lunch and opening presents and playing, Trey took him on his first hunting trip where there wasn’t much moving but Joseph did get in a really long nap. 

We are so blessed and  happy to celebrate another year with our Joseph.  Happy Birthday to our Enormously energetic, Impulsive, Giddy, Hysterically humorous,  Third son!!! We love you so very much!!!!

Winter Wonderland Dance

Our Winter Wonderland man, don’t the Converses just make the outfit?! 

Last night was the Middle School’s Winter Wonderland Dance.  Elijah is on student council so he stayed after school till 5:30 p.m  to help transform the ordinary cafeteria into a beautiful purple and silver balloon wonderland.  It was really pretty with a balloon arch at the front and white lights decorating potted trees, silver globe light in center of course.  I don’t know where they get them but they had these gigantic balls or balloons hanging from the ceiling as well as groupings of smaller balloon just well done for middle schoolers. 

Head tilt sport'n the longer hair style. He says Justin Beiber's Mom says she likes the Elijah Garrett cut that Justin wears!!! Too funny!


He makes 13 look good! What a JOY he is!!!

 Anyways, Elijah loves being on student council and getting to do a lot of  leg work and being on the inside happenings of events.  I asked what all he does at these dances and he said he gets to be DJ, make sure everyone is having a good time,  takes care of people if they need anything and just have fun with friends.  He is SO his father and I love it!!!  Mr. Personality!!



Look'n like West Side Story!!!

Morgan thought Elijah needed a sports jacket  which would have been nice if Elijah had one, but he doesn’t so Morgan offered him his leather coat.  Problem was it just wasn’t cold enough to warrant one.  Morgan decided to ride along with Trey to drop off his best bud/brother. Soon enough he will be at these dances with his brother.


 Morgan our 11-year-old a.k.a “The Bouncer”

I don’t know, I can’t explain it, he’s just got this incredible sense of humor!!

“Bye Mom, I love you!”. . . Be still my heart!

ICE Day!!!!!

I just can’t bring myself to call it a “snow”day due to . . . well the absolute lack of snow.  The boys were creative and came up with a four-man ski or something like it to slide down the ice.

Daddy's gonna show them how it's done!

Go Daddy! Go!!

Whoa Daddy takes a digger!!

Yikes Daddy are you okay!!?

Sweet Lily making sure Daddy is okay!

Jordan gave it a try on the cardboard sled and he slid just fine!!  Joseph took a quick spill on our ice yard as he was showing me his AT-AT Walkers in battle.

Nothing but Ice on our grill and deck!

Elijah and Jordan have been sledding buddies all morning and Morgan suited up with ammo to go on a deep freeze squirrel hunt!  Everyone is now back home into warm p.j.’s/dry cloths with bellies full of hot chocolate.  I think that is really their favorite part about going out into the cold, there is always hot chocolate or hot tea waiting for them.  It is also about the only time they get to have long hot soaking baths in the middle of the day!! 

Oh and where is Mary you ask?  She was just waking up when the boys had already been out playing for a while.  She is the very late sleeper around here and she told me that it was way to cold and she didn’t want to play outside in that ice snow!!

One less

Miss Mary hit another milestone on January 2, 2011- She lost her first tooth!!

It has been loose for quite a while and she has asked me several times if it was ready to come out to which I said no we will try tomorrow.  It was really bothering her so I did my dental hygiene push and twist on it and it came out without incident if you don’t count the gush of water coming from Mary’s eyes!!! Oh my goodness, so the drama!!! I told her she was okay and to go rinse her mouth out at the sink. When I came in she was just standing there with blood pooling in her mouth so I put her up and had her spit out and rinse.  She saw the blood and just had a melt down like “I’m bleeding, I’m dying!! Tell my best friend she can have my dollies!!!”.  After having her take several deep breaths and looking me in my eyes I was able to calm her down and wash her face.  Jordan came in and immediately wanted to see the tooth which ended the tears and ushered in the excitement and thrill of loosing her first tooth!!!

She was so excited to show Daddy her missing tooth!!!

There is already a lose tooth #2 but I’m leaning to letting it fall out by itself!  I have been hoping she would lose her teeth later than sooner, just don’t know how it’s gonna be remotely possible for permanent teeth to occupy her dentition?  Here’s wishing her permanent teeth are as micro as her primary ones.

The BIG Reveal!!!

Take one little boys room with a roomy attic space above it   +   two parents that imagine every nook and cranny used for a purpose   =  a lofty play room!!!

Trey made the opening this afternoon then trimmed it all out adding the ladder.  We told the kids we were moving things around to store our Christmas decorations and they were not allowed to come upstairs while we were getting things situated.

Here is the back wall you see when you come up the ladder.  We have more cool rocks to add to the wall just need to get some more bolts.  There is also a door that opens into the main attic space which is only to be used in case of fire or severe injury!!!

The purple chalk board wall!!

Trey  told the little boys we had another surprise for them and they could find it in their room.  There was a stampede up the stairs and squeals of awe and wonder could be heard!!! They were thrilled!!! They were drawn to the rock wall immediately, absolutely loved it!!! 

This secret room has been an on-again off-again project as we would get a good push on it and think we would reveal it for this Holiday or that event and then we decided it was such an investment in cost and labor that we put the reveal on hold till this Christmas.  All was on schedule until Trey got slammed with the end of the year work deadlines and then hit by the flu/stomach bug the week of Christmas.  Actually several children had the flu during Christmas !!  So they didn’t receive it on Christmas which actually turned out fine because I don’t know that it would have been all that dramatic  with all the  other incredible presents they received.

It didn’t take them long at all to make themselves at home!  Up came their pillows and blankets , Jordan made his sleeping palate for bedtime and Joseph brought up his new Toy Story toys.  All of their toys except the Lego table and books are now in the loft. My hope is that their room will now stay tidy with only beds and dressers in it.  Also, we now have more space to add a third bed or set of bunks for additional little brothers!!! Yeah!!  








Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!! 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!

Wow how 2010 seemed to have just flown by!  This weekend the whole family enjoyed watching the Back to the Future movies featuring Michael J. Fox.  We were amazed how much our children loved the movies. The funny thing about BTTF II is that they go to the future of 2015. That is now only 4 years away!!! How incredible that when the movie was made 2015 seemed soooo futuristic!!  Trey and I have had many conversations about how the children are growing up so fast and how we use to say, ” When Elijah is in middle school and Morgan is this or that age or when Joseph is 7 ” and so on, well that is no longer in the future it is here NOW!!  I am still in shock that we now have a 13-year-old son!!  How can that be?  We have been blessed beyond understanding with four beautiful sons.  They have brought such joy and honor to us and thank God for them and for the gentlemen they will become.  As fast as their childhood is passing soon I will see wide shoulder young men.  We have had the blessing of adopting sweet Mary and watching this orphan blossom into a daughter that loves her Daddy and Mommy more than anything.  Our bond and relationship is growing more as the months go on and I am pleased when I realize that we are indeed dancing the same dance.  2010 brought a lot of  traveling experiences for our family and we treasure all the trips we went on.  Trey had some International time in Japan and it looks as if he may head over there again for work.  My desire for 2011 is for our family to grow even deeper in love with one another.  It may sound self-centered but to me the immediate family (parents and children) must be one and without respect and love and caring for one another we can not effectively share that with others.  I want to focus on my children and be the Mom they need.  We know many look at us and think our plates are full but we see something different.  We see room for more.  We feel strongly God calling our family to once again adopt.  There are said to be 147 million orphans in the world.  Together we can provide a Mommy, Daddy and forever siblings to these little ones. We rejoice that these children of God will  one day no longe be called orphans but sons and daughters to the Garrett’s.  I ask you to pray for our family as we walk this walk of International adoption and I encourage you too to seek your heart and God’s will for your family and what you will do for His orphans.  Adoption may not be your part in this picture but you can give financially to allow an orphan to get surgery she needs or to help provide needs for an orphanage.  You could be hands that hold them on a short-term mission trip.  You could contribute to another families adoption.  You could offer services, products and time to be used to help raise funds.  There are so many ways to contribute.   We pray that you have a blessed 2011 and look forward to sharing with you the news of our growing family with whom ever He has chosen for us!!!