Mary’s 6th Birthday!!!!!!

Friday we had Miss Mary’s 6-year-old Birthday party! If you ask Mary it took FOREVER to come! Somehow she just knew the 1st day of October that her birthday was approaching and so she would ask every single day how soon was her birthday, when was her party, who was coming? is it 4 days away?, is it really really close? and on and on.  I think I’m more thrilled that it has come and gone just so I don’t have to hear of it a dozen times a day!!  You can tell she was ecstatic to have her Birthday celebration!!

We had her party at home right after school on her actual day of birth. It really wasn’t the best time of day for photography as the sun was still so high but that was really the best time/date for her party as this is such a busy time of year with all the going ons. 

Mary’s first reaction to opening the contents of her Poland package.

Elijah read the special Birthday card that was translated to Mary. He was so funny telling all the younger kids that he could read Polish!

What an adorable outfit she received from Poland!  Shirt, jumper, 2 pairs of socks, panties and chocolate candy were the perfect gift for this silly about pink girl! She wanted to put it on right away but we’ll save that for another day!  I loved shopping for cloths in Poland, they are very well made thick and  comfortable and absolutely the cutest ever!! I’m so glad she can still wear these cute cloths!

Mary was much-loved on this special day surrounded by her little girlfriends and brothers. Elijah picked out a card and gave her $2 and lip gloss. Jordan got to roll out her new Princess bike and so he says it’s from him. She received so many wonderful gifts and had quite a delightful time! Happy Birthday sweet girl!! So glad your day finally arrived!!!