2 Little Indians

Mary and Jordan’s Kindergarten class

They were both so excited about their cooking stations. They were able to do hands on measuring, pouring and stirring of ingredients.  They patted out some dough for  yummy apple turnovers and then sprinkled powdered sugar on it.  They shook and shook and shook until their arms felt as if they would fall off while churning buttermilk into butter!  They helped blend cranberries for cranberry sauce. They especially enjoyed being able to eat all the delicious treats they made!

Mary singing Thanksgiving song

Jordan nailed the hand motions to the Thanksgiving songs!!

Mama is heap big proud of Dancing Wind and Soaring Eagle!!!

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

We had a great Thanksgiving Day just the seven of us and 3 fried turkeys, actually 2 were smoked then dipped in the fryer for a little while. We were able to share lots of leftovers with our good friends as we gathered to watch football games. 

 We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade like always then filled our tummies to the max.  After a little digesting we headed over to Bass Pro Shop and had photos taken with Santa and played the games and colored Christmas pictures.  As we were leaving we were delighted to see they had smores and hot cocoa for us to enjoy!!  

Mary’s Birthday continued

Mary has had an ongoing Birthday bash for three weeks now. The first weekend she received her gifts from Grammy and Pawpaw followed by her girlfriend  party and then by gifts from Mammaw and Pawpaw the next weekend.  Tough being a girl so loved!!!

Trunk-or-Treat and so much more!

Saturday was one big whirlwind of events. Trey was on a deep-sea fishing trip in Florida so it was Mama and kids for the day.  It started off with Elijah and Morgan attending a Baseball camp which included 4  MLB players from the Florida Marlins.  We dropped the big boys off around 8:30a.m. and then the littles and I went to donut shop where they got to pick whatever they wanted. We ate outside all the while shivering. After the sweets were gobbled down and milk consumed sticky hands were baby wiped and off to the park we went.  This day at the park was no ordinary day though.  Petpallouza was going on so we got see many varieties off doggies and many were dressed up in costume too!  There was a kiddie event with 4 inflatables and Home Depot and Lowe’s had their craft tables set up. There was bandana making and Trick-or-treat bags could be decorated as well.  Joseph made four projects at the Home Depot post all by himself!! Jordan and Mary mostly jumped and slid on the inflatables having a grand time.   We watched the Dashounds race and the Australian Shepard’s do their stunts with the frisbees. We enjoyed Blue Bell popsicle and got Lulu lots of doggie treats as well.  We eventually played on the playground before calling it quits around 1:30p.m. and headed home to have late lunch and tend the puppies. 

 I had Mary, Jordan and Joseph dress in their latest favorite costumes and I grabbed the big boys a costume too and off we went to pick them up from camp.  Both Elijah and Morgan were all smiles when I picked them up they said it was the best they had ever been to and asked when and where  they could do it again. They excitedly told me how they got all their autographs and were just chattering about the days events.  I love it when they thoroughly enjoy something!!

At 5:00p.m we went to Zaxby’s  because kids 10 and under EAT FREE if they came in costume!!!! Worked out great for us because Jordan is always asking to go there and Daddy is out-of-town and well, 3 of mine were FREE what more can I say!!!

After filling our tummies with chicken, fries, chicken wings and salad we all headed to the Trunk-or-treat!!!

Jordan was so sweet to this lady. She said she wasn’t so sure she did his Tiger correctly but when he saw it in the mirror he told her,”Oh! that’s a nice tiger, You’re a Really good drawer!!!”  It made her night I think.

Mary loved getting her “make up” on!  She asked the lady if she could paint her eyelashes and fingernails too.  This little girl is crazy about make up!!

Axe Man (Joseph) helping out the poor pirate (Elijah) with a fresh spray of Axe deodorant. Joseph created this character on his own and drew out the outfit with detailed description.  While we were with Trey’s parents this summer Joseph explained the drawing to his Mammaw and she took his measurements for the costume.  Well, the end product is  amazing!!!!  It is EXACTLY to the T just like his sketch!!! He is absolutely 100% thrilled with it and we are blown away with Mammaw’s attention to detail.  She sure made this little boy happy!!  Oh, Axe Man helps out the fellas by spraying them so they can get the girls!

Once home the little ones got into pajamas and we settled on my bed to watch a new Tinkerbell movie. We have never done the Trick-or-treat thing but this year the big boys (mainly Morgan) pleaded hard to be able to go.  Well, Daddy wasn’t home and the day had gone so wonderfully with everyone having such a good time that Mamma gave in (shhh don’t tell the little ones) and let Elijah and Morgan go on a “Neighborhood Watch” while the rest of us watched the movie.  If only you could have seen Morgan’s eyes and his passionate ‘Thank you so much Mom!!!’ it was priceless.  

Morgan came back with a lute that would have put Santa’s sack to shame!!!  They were overjoyed with this new experience and gratefully paid me with some York peppermint patties!  The boys set up ‘shop’ so that they could trade their candy among one another.

Thank you Jesus for fun filled memory making days! It was one of our most fun days. Oh, Daddy had a fabulous time fishing too. They caught their limit and enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Mary’s 6th Birthday!!!!!!

Friday we had Miss Mary’s 6-year-old Birthday party! If you ask Mary it took FOREVER to come! Somehow she just knew the 1st day of October that her birthday was approaching and so she would ask every single day how soon was her birthday, when was her party, who was coming? is it 4 days away?, is it really really close? and on and on.  I think I’m more thrilled that it has come and gone just so I don’t have to hear of it a dozen times a day!!  You can tell she was ecstatic to have her Birthday celebration!!

We had her party at home right after school on her actual day of birth. It really wasn’t the best time of day for photography as the sun was still so high but that was really the best time/date for her party as this is such a busy time of year with all the going ons. 

Mary’s first reaction to opening the contents of her Poland package.

Elijah read the special Birthday card that was translated to Mary. He was so funny telling all the younger kids that he could read Polish!

What an adorable outfit she received from Poland!  Shirt, jumper, 2 pairs of socks, panties and chocolate candy were the perfect gift for this silly about pink girl! She wanted to put it on right away but we’ll save that for another day!  I loved shopping for cloths in Poland, they are very well made thick and  comfortable and absolutely the cutest ever!! I’m so glad she can still wear these cute cloths!

Mary was much-loved on this special day surrounded by her little girlfriends and brothers. Elijah picked out a card and gave her $2 and lip gloss. Jordan got to roll out her new Princess bike and so he says it’s from him. She received so many wonderful gifts and had quite a delightful time! Happy Birthday sweet girl!! So glad your day finally arrived!!!