Dziekujemy Panstwu Widlo!

Paczka dla Marysi dotarla dzis po poludniu idealnie na czas urodzin! Marysia bedzie zachwycona gdy zobaczy ze jest ona od was wszystkich w Polsce. Te specjalne upominki maja wyjatkowe znaczenie dla Marysi i dla nas wszystkich, szczegonie dla tego ze potrzymuja jej wiez z Polska. Jestesmy na zawsze wdzieczni Wam wszysztkim za wasza troske i opieke ktora obdarzysliscie Marysie gdy byla jeszcze z Wami. Marysia jest bardzo uczuciowym, kochajacym dzieckiem, jestesmy przekonani ze to dzieki Wam, dlatego ze byla kochana i doswiadczala tak wiele milosci w Waszym domu.  Marysia bardzo sie cieszy ze ma juz 6 lat i nie moze doczekac sie powrotu ze szkoly do domu zeby otworzyc urodzinowe prezenty. Jej klasa urzadzila dzis jesienna zabawe wiec caly dzisiejszy dzien przemienia sie w wielkie swieto, jej dzien.  Marysia jest u nas bardzo kochana, ma przyjaciolki w szkole i sasiedztwie, jest zdrowie jest wyjatkowo dobre. Nasi chlopcy chorowali w tym roku juz kilka razy a Marysia jeszcze ani razu, jest bardzo odporna na przezienienia. Bardzo cieszymy sie ze mozecie obserwowac jak Marysia rosnie nawet bedac tak daleko. Jestesmy Wam bardzo wdzieczni za to ze wasza troska o Marysie i milosc do niej nie ustaja co ciagle okazujecie. Marysia ma wiele szczescia w zyciu i to szczescie nie gasnie. Zyczymy Wam lagodnej zimy i pozdrawiamy bardzo serdecznie.
Niech Bog Wam blogoslawi!
Thank you Widlos

            The package has arrived!! It came with perfect timing as we will celebrate Mary’s Birthday this afternoon.  She will be so excited to see that it is from all of you in Poland. These special gifts are so dear to her and to us. I love that these gifts keep her connected to her Poland. We are forever grateful for all that you did in caring for Mary while she was with you. She is a very loving, affectionate child and I know that only comes from being loved and seeing love in your home.  She is so excited to be turning 6 and can’t wait to get home from school to open gifts.  Her class is having a Fall party today so she will have one big celebration day today! Mary is much loved here and has lots of girlfriends in school and in the neighborhood. She is amazingly healthy too. Our boys have had several colds but Mary’s immune is high and has not been ill at all!  We are so glad that you can continue to watch Mary grow up even though we are so far away. Thank you so much for continuing to show love toward Mary. She is truly blessed. We wish you all well and hope that you will have a warm winter season.

God Bless You!



Funny word . . . funnier child!  Morgan went all out. . . all out of duct tape that is on his vocabulary word costume.  He did it all on his own and was so satisfied with the end result! 

He originally had a hat but after running out of the second roll of tape he opted for the headband.

Very cool kid!!  The teacher is all about creativity and using all things to learn not just traditional text books.  Morgan thought it was great that he got to dress up NOT for Halloween but for the Vocabulary assignment!!! Hmmmm!!! Pretty convienent planning for this assignment I’d say.

Flashback Friday

Who is this precious doll?  Why it’s baby Mary when she was in Poland!!! I know it’s amazing and I think it’s my all time favorite picture of her. These were taken at a Little People of Poland gathering. She was so loved by her foster family who took her to LP meetings and learned all they could on how to care for her needs. They are a wonderful family who have cared for many many children in Poland and we are forever grateful for all that they did for Mary and showing her how to love. 


Just so ya know, this is what happens when you stay out too long on a mother-daughter shopping trip.  The men of the house take over and this is what greeted me as I walked through our front door.


  I let out a yelp like “What!!! Oh, you can’t be serious!!!  Elijah with his Texas Barbarossa Ram.  Gone is our beautiful Thomas Kincaid replaced by this unfortunate ram. Then I turned slightly to my right and wham this was in my face!!!

Trey’s Painted Desert ram in place of our Overtoun House painting!!! And what’s that lurching in the corner of the room!!!

 AHHHHH!!!! A life-size Eastern Turkey!!!!

So here is the view of the family room from the kitchen/dining room

And the view from the family room with the ram and also notice the deer hide on the back of the couch!!!! Trey is ever so pleased with himself as he stated now he has the room he’s always wanted! The kids thought it was all so hilarious to see Mommy at her witts-end taking in all these DEAD animals in her home.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with the mounts they’re beautiful and represent a fabulous father-son-son hunting trip in Texas. Trey and Elijah each shot their rams and Morgan was the videographer. I just think they belong in a boys bedroom or office which we built for him and he NEVER uses or in a man’s office/man-cave and not replacing fine artwork. 

Thankfully   Sadly neither the turkey nor deer hide will be staying at our home, they belong to our friend Mr. Russ.

We have come to terms that the mounts will stay on the walls till all the grandparents come thru over the next two weeks and then Elijah’s ram will go to his room and Trey’s will go down to his office. So for now they are on display in the family room and completely freaking out Lulu.


Jordan lost his 1st tooth last week and he is so proud of the hole in his mouth!! Isn’t he the cutest little fella!!!  His tooth has been mobile for probably a month or so and he’s been slowly wiggling it day by day.  He finally wanted me to put my numbing jelly on it and help him get it out. I told him I had pulled out 2 teeth on one of my patients that week, one while polishing and the other when flossing. They were just dangling there. Some kids just won’t touch them when they get loose. The child didn’t even know they were out till I handed them in a plastic box to him/her.  It didn’t take much to pull his little incisor and he was ever so impressed that it didn’t hurt a bit!!! 

Flashback Friday

 October 2007

Ouch!!! Poor Joseph really tore up his arm during one of his biking mishaps.

Check out the bike garage Joseph built in his Daddies garage.

Jordan always eager to give his battered brother some lovin.  Joseph still upset about his bloody arm!


Well it’s that time of year, cold season. When you have a house full of kiddos that go to school all day and then play with a whole slue of kids once home there is bound to be someone(s) who is sick.  THE CROUP has already hit our household along with the FEVER VIRUS and extremely sore throats and irritating coughs along with achy bodies.  Last night we had a first, let’s just call ‘it’ the Mystery Puker due to the fact that someone or something hurled on Elijah’s quilt and Elijah just slept right through it. Trey was the lucky one to have found it!!  We still don’t know who it was, no confessions.  So for now our kitchen seal looks like a pharmacy and it will stay that way till we get through this awful allergy-cold season.

Sicky #1 :  Fever virus  then came croup