Eleven Birthdays shared with Pawpaw

Both born on September 27th

A boys axe from Pawpaw and Mammaw in Texas! Just what he wanted!!!

Duck Tape. . . he has asked for this all summer.  For an eleven year old boy it is a highly valued item.  He has already made 1/2 dozen duck tape wallets which he is taking orders for and then selling them. Quite the business man!!

 We gave Pawpaw a gun case for his Binnelli gun.

Morgan was speechless when he opened this gift but the brothers had no problem expressing their excitement for it.  Star Wars ship of course.

So excited to have this Star Wars ship!!!

Grammy made their double chocolate cake for Pawpaw’s 51  and Morgan’s 11

 Dalton tried so hard to blow out the candles from across the counter

It was so fun celebrating Morgan and Pawpaw’s Birthday with the cousins. We completely surprised Grammy and Pawpaw by driving down to the Coast without telling them we were coming.  We snook up on Grammy while she was at Barnes&Nobles, she had no idea who the little boy was that was hugging her(Jordan) until the rest of us turned the corner!!! We went to Pawpaw’s work and his face said it all, he was over joyed to see us!!!  Both surprises were priceless, I’m so glad we just went for it and made the spur of the moment quick trip.


  Happy Birthday Pawpaw and Morgan, we love you so very much!!!

Flashback Friday

There comes a time while blogging when you’ve edited photo after photo thinking of ways to blog about them and suddenly it hits you, “Have I already done a post on this??”  For some reason today is the day I am wondering if I’ve already posted these photos of Joseph. I don’t possibly have the time to look back through the other post to check so I just apologize if you’ve already seen this. Feel free to let me know if I’ve already blogged about this and I’ll give you a virtual high-five. Way to go for finding it!!!

Joseph had a close friend that broke his leg so he decided one night that he would be just like his little friend and ‘cast’ his own leg.

Great double ply toilet paper cast!

He decided to make it look really realistic and added the towel so it was the same color of his pals!!  As for the sling, I have no idea, being a macho boy he probably had to one up his buddy and have more broken bones than him!!

Mighty Mary!

Yes, You’re seeing correctly. . . Mary was our Starting Goalie and was incredible!!  She saved 2 balls from being scored!!

She played offense as well and had a magnificent break away

The grass is so fluffy her little feet just sink into the turf

She’s a dribbling queen on the field

Concentrating. . . lining up on the ball for

a mighty power kick!!!

Such a great effort but too bad

she’s going the wrong way!!!



It was a beautiful Saturday morning just perfect for soccer matches. The Warriors won 7:1 and it all started off with a mighty mini in as goalie!!

Bracing it

Today began a new era for Elijah, our first-born son. I can’t believe he’s 12 turning 13 this December!! It has really thrown me for a loop this year that I actually bought school supplies for a 6th grader when he is a 7th grader!! He just won’t stop growing! Today he began a transformation in his life by starting the day out looking like this:

Enjoying one last piece of bubble gum

Getting his Ceph taken
Nervous laughter!
No I’m Not ANXIOUS one bit!!!

AFTER AFTER – Braces and Haircut!!
So begins Elijah’s phase of braces.  He is not a severe case by any means just needs a little bit of tweaking to pull a lateral forward and straighten up a few things. Our doctor doesn’t suspect him to be in them for long which pleases Elijah to no end!  I am happy we were able to get them for him, God is so good to us. I have been talking to Elijah for at least 2 years now about him getting braces and he was  adamant he did not want them and would not get them! As a Mom who’s a dental hygienist I greatly wanted him to get them but also know the child has to be compliant and keep superb hygiene while under Ortho care.  This summer Elijah finally spoke to me about getting braces so we had a consult and when the time requirement for having them on was incredibly shorter than we figured, Elijah was  all on board and couldn’t wait to get them.  He really likes his Orthodontist especially since he is good friends with some professional baseball pitcher ( I couldn’t tell you who) and because he got to pick out the St. Louis Cardinal’s colors for his braces!! 

Seriously Labor Day

Our laid back lazy Labor Day morning with cooked sausage, eggs, toast, juice and coffee didn’t quite go as we planned. While having coffee on the front porch Lulu, our Vizsla, came and let us know that something was a rye!  Her water had broken and this was her LABOR DAY!!!!  We quickly made a birthing palette in the office and she quickly gave birth to her first pup.  She did so well and soon came pup 2 and 3.  For the first 30-45 minutes there were just the triplets but then came the smallest of them all #4 which the kids call Rudy for the time being.  There was a brief resting and then came #5 that had the largest placenta.  Oh my 5 puppies which my kids pointed out was perfect for each of them to have their own puppy!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! 

 So we had 5 and then came #6 with a moment of relaxation and then came #7. . . and #8!! Okay, enough already eight teets for 8 puppies.  We sent the kids up to get something to eat as our wonderful family breakfast was definitely not happening and Trey went out to help a neighbor with something.  I could definitely see Lulu was having more contractions but didn’t know if she was just contracting due to all the puppies nursing or if she was just moving more afterbirth but before long it was clear that there was #9!!!! NINE Puppies!!!!

  Lulu is doing fantastic. She had all nine puppies starting around 8:30 a.m. to 12:30ish p.m.  We took her outside for a brief restroom break but she was so anxious to get back to her babies. Trey made a new fresh bed in a kiddie pool and she has finally gotten a bit of rest.  I have to say this has been a very exciting Labor Day!!!

Flashback Friday

Oh my goodness!! I can not believe what 3 1/2 years ago looked like.  Three years doesn’t sound that long when you say it but when I look at these pictures if FEELS like ages ago.  Toddlerhood goes by so fast and then they are big kids and they just keep growing.  Check out Jordan’s baby blonde hair, too cute!! Joseph got his Knight’s castle for his January birthday so he was always playing knights which has always been a big hit around here.  The castle still exist in great condition but the kitchen has made its way to the attic for a while to give them more big kid playing room. Oh how I love these sweet baby/toddler boys and the big kid versions of them too!!!

Why Wouldn’t I

Many would say that since we already have 5 children that we have our hands full and why on earth would we want another. I love the adoption explanation prior to the song/video because it is our desire too.  On another persons post they wrote, “Children are not expensive, lifestyles are”, I absolutely agree. We have much to offer if we will just let go of our selfish lifestyles and desires to give a child a priceless gift. . . Family!!!