Missing Kooties

Okay now, if you don’t know already I just have to tell ya that we’re never quite sure what’s gonna come out of Joseph’s mouth.  He really comes up with some stuff and is quite entertaining with some of his expressions.  Yesterday after school I asked him how his day went and he let out a sigh and then said the following: 

“Well I told a girl I had a crush on her today.”

Me: “Really, what did she think about that?”

Joseph: “I don’t know I didn’t tell her F to F !! I wrote her a note.” he says with a “good grief Mom” expression!!

Joseph: “I wrote Riley, I like you, I want to be more than just friends.”

F to F??   What is F to F?  I’m not sure I want him doing this F to F thing!! And when did my 7 year old start talking like this anyways?! – I’m thinking.

Joseph: “Ummm Face to Face Mom, I wouldn’t just tell her that’s humiliating, I watched her and when she was away from her desk I sneaked over and put it in her desk where our pencils go.”

Me: “Hmm do you think she found it?”

Joseph: “Yeah, I saw her read it and then later I found it laying on top my desk.” He said with a bummer look on his face.

He said this girl he likes is taller than him and already has a boyfriend but he didn’t care he wanted to be her boyfriend anyways.  He said there were other girls in his class that think he’s hot but he didn’t want to be their boyfriend. Oh my goodness, this is coming from a 2nd grader, not my Middle School child,  my 7 year old Elementary child!!! I certainly am NOT ready for this!!! 


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