The Yogi Bear Show

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Camping in 90+degree weather is never an option I would choose for fun, but when you combine cousins that adore one another and haven’t seen each other in atleast 1/2 a year and unlimited quality time together, well you bear it. In our case we literally Yogi Beared it at Jellystone Park in Georgia with all of our gang, Trey’s parents with thier RV and Trey’s sister, Karen and her 3 children.  We had a great sight with an awesome mostly private playground that kept the kids entertained & within sight.

Trey and Pawpaw put up the giant tent which held 4 air mattresses on which Ellyn, Emma, Elijah,Morgan,Joseph, Mary, Jordan, Trey and I all slept!!!!!

Joseph says,"I'll sleep here!!!"

Throughout the day the train would run a few loops around the RV park!


Celebrating Pawpaw's 62nd Birthday!!!

Teddy helping Pawpaw unwrap gifts!

Pawpaw's fabulous scalp scratcher, everyone wanted one!!

Kids waiting their turn for a head massage

Trey preparing breakfast sausage, yum!!


 The park had a dozen or more bunnies hip hopping all over and our kids had a blast “sneaking up” on them and making lassos and snares to try to trap them.  They live there at the park so if you were patient they would just come to you. This morning this chocolate bunny got lots and lots of loven from our crew!!

Teddy meeting bunny;

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