Jellystone-Part 2


Connor and Mary are the best of cousins. They were inseparable for the whole weekend. They mostly played on the playground and enjoyed hanging out in the kiddie pool together.  It was so nice having someone for everyone: Connor and Mary, Joseph and Jordan, Ellyn and Morgan, Emma and Elijah. The four older ones all hanged together and never did I hear an unkind remark:) 





The pedal cars were a real hit, good calf exercise for sure. The golf cart came in real handy for towing cars up the steeper hills.  Here is sweet Connor and his teddy bear.  He loves this fella so much and he and Mary spent lots of time playing with his bear and her baby doll. 




What is this you ask? Trey's blood from a knife cut on his thumb!!!!



Trey had a mishap with an extremely sharp knife and ended up getting some camping level -1 trauma First Aide!!!! 


Jordan- Be verwee quite I’m hunting wabbit!!!! 



Paco was such a nice bird!


The Pools



The children had so much fun with their cousins and grandparents and perhaps us parents too.  Although it was incredibly hot we endured and created some memorable moments and that is what it’s all about! Family!! 

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