Sparkling To Reflect His Glory

My dear treasured friend Julie Murray in Oxford, Ms sent me a link to an

incredible women’s Bible study.  It is created by a spirit filled lady,

Stephanie Garneau (also in Oxford), I love her name/initials  by the way.  She

is a personal friend  of Julie’s and I greatly respect Julie and her wisdom so if

she ever sends me anything I know it is worthy.  Just wanted to pass on this

blog so you can check it out yourselves. Enter to win a fantastic prize just

follow her easy instructions!!! Enjoy!!!

4 thoughts on “Sparkling To Reflect His Glory

  1. Sorry about that, I put in my email address to subscribe. I just went back and went through to Follow on Facebook. I have an Email Subscription button just look for the -Sign me up!
    Nice to “meet” you, give my sweet friend a huge hug from me!!


  2. Hi Stephanie– What a great name you have!! LOL! Thank you so much for posting this to your blog. I see that you commented that you followed, but you are not showing up on my blog. Can you hit the follow button and try again? Sometimes blogger can be tricky. Do you have a button on here where I can follow you? I would love for us to get to know eachother!

    I love Julie as well. She is such a precious friend and does such a great job on the GEMS leadership team. I am so thankful to God that He brought her to Oxford.

    Thanks again for your sweet post!


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