Boogie Night!!!

Today was a great Saturday. It rained all day which allowed for us to just rest and relax and not busy ourselves with projects. We  even got a short nap in which is a bonus!  This evening we had our good friends over for dinner during another rain fall. We had Trey’s Ipod playing the whole evening and eventually our living room rug turned into the dance floor. The kids were taking turns doing their best moves and the Daddies were being the DJ’s. As the night went on the guitars came down, Trey’s drum came up,  stick horses turned into microphones and paper plates and butter knives became snare drums.  We all had a blast bustin out the moves!!! Lots and lots of laughter!!!! It’s so fun getting together with other families and we absolutely love getting together with the Miller’s!!!


Crowded dance floor


Matt and Anna doin the Robot


 So much fun when you get together a family of 7 plus and family of 8!!

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