Sometimes all you need to get you in the mood for a photo shoot is a new yellow dress.  Sunday we were getting ready for church and Mary was twirling all over the house in her new dress from Grammy and Pawpaw.  She asked if I would take her picture because she was soo pretty in her yellow dress. Amazingly we were actually running ahead of schedule so there was time for a quick photo session.

She requested I take a picture of the back of her dress and don’t miss her long hair too!!!

Missing Kooties

Okay now, if you don’t know already I just have to tell ya that we’re never quite sure what’s gonna come out of Joseph’s mouth.  He really comes up with some stuff and is quite entertaining with some of his expressions.  Yesterday after school I asked him how his day went and he let out a sigh and then said the following: 

“Well I told a girl I had a crush on her today.”

Me: “Really, what did she think about that?”

Joseph: “I don’t know I didn’t tell her F to F !! I wrote her a note.” he says with a “good grief Mom” expression!!

Joseph: “I wrote Riley, I like you, I want to be more than just friends.”

F to F??   What is F to F?  I’m not sure I want him doing this F to F thing!! And when did my 7 year old start talking like this anyways?! – I’m thinking.

Joseph: “Ummm Face to Face Mom, I wouldn’t just tell her that’s humiliating, I watched her and when she was away from her desk I sneaked over and put it in her desk where our pencils go.”

Me: “Hmm do you think she found it?”

Joseph: “Yeah, I saw her read it and then later I found it laying on top my desk.” He said with a bummer look on his face.

He said this girl he likes is taller than him and already has a boyfriend but he didn’t care he wanted to be her boyfriend anyways.  He said there were other girls in his class that think he’s hot but he didn’t want to be their boyfriend. Oh my goodness, this is coming from a 2nd grader, not my Middle School child,  my 7 year old Elementary child!!! I certainly am NOT ready for this!!! 


Breakfast Club

american breakfast

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Tonight while tucking in Joseph and Jordan, Joseph made an interesting comment.

Joseph: “I’m tired of walking them to the cafeteria and waiting for them to eat and take them to class. I get to my class way after everyone else, I want to get there first.”

Mama: “What. . . you’ve been eating breakfast at school. . . after you’ve already eaten breakfast at home.”

Joseph: “Well, I just take them and wait and then walk them down to class and I wanna go straight to my class.”

Mama: “But we only gave you permission to eat that one day, you are not supposed to eat breakfast here AND at school.”

Joseph: “Well Jordan says ‘Oh I’m hungry,you have to take me to the cafeteria’ and he knows he already ate at home but he says he’s starving so I just take them and I wait for them, except the day they had cinnamon rolls, I ate then.”

Mama: “Does Mary eat a second breakfast too?”

Joseph: “Yeah, but sometimes she gets breakfast but doesn’t eat it.”

Mamathinking “Great we’re going through breakfast food (Gallons of milk)  at home, plus paying for them to eat a second breakfast at school whether they actually eat it or not!!!!!”

Nice to know these things!  I went over very clearly that they are to get off the school bus and go directly to their class. Joseph no longer needs to walk them to the kindergarten hall so that he can be one of the first in his class.  They are to NEVER eat breakfast at home AND eat it at school on the same day. I would give them direct permission on a particular day when they could eat at school.  I explained we had to pay for everything they got at the cafeteria and that I had only put enough money in their accounts for lunch only!!  Good grief, here we were thinking everything was going so smoothly, they were up and dressed, fed, backpacks ready, shoes on, teeth brushed, hair done and out the door to catch the bus. . . onto their second breakfast!!

 Trey said we could put stickers on their shirts that say, “I Ate Breakfast at Home, Do Not Feed Me!!”.   At least we found out the 2nd week of school and not later!!!

Flashback Friday

Since we recently spent time with the cousins I thought they would make a perfect Flashback Friday. This was a trip we took to see Christian, Karen, Emma and Connor in NC.  Ellyn was in Washington and Mary hadn’t joined us yet.

Just look at those little pumpkins!!!  I miss them being babies~~

Jellystone-Part 2


Connor and Mary are the best of cousins. They were inseparable for the whole weekend. They mostly played on the playground and enjoyed hanging out in the kiddie pool together.  It was so nice having someone for everyone: Connor and Mary, Joseph and Jordan, Ellyn and Morgan, Emma and Elijah. The four older ones all hanged together and never did I hear an unkind remark:) 





The pedal cars were a real hit, good calf exercise for sure. The golf cart came in real handy for towing cars up the steeper hills.  Here is sweet Connor and his teddy bear.  He loves this fella so much and he and Mary spent lots of time playing with his bear and her baby doll. 




What is this you ask? Trey's blood from a knife cut on his thumb!!!!



Trey had a mishap with an extremely sharp knife and ended up getting some camping level -1 trauma First Aide!!!! 


Jordan- Be verwee quite I’m hunting wabbit!!!! 



Paco was such a nice bird!


The Pools



The children had so much fun with their cousins and grandparents and perhaps us parents too.  Although it was incredibly hot we endured and created some memorable moments and that is what it’s all about! Family!! 


The Yogi Bear Show

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Camping in 90+degree weather is never an option I would choose for fun, but when you combine cousins that adore one another and haven’t seen each other in atleast 1/2 a year and unlimited quality time together, well you bear it. In our case we literally Yogi Beared it at Jellystone Park in Georgia with all of our gang, Trey’s parents with thier RV and Trey’s sister, Karen and her 3 children.  We had a great sight with an awesome mostly private playground that kept the kids entertained & within sight.

Trey and Pawpaw put up the giant tent which held 4 air mattresses on which Ellyn, Emma, Elijah,Morgan,Joseph, Mary, Jordan, Trey and I all slept!!!!!

Joseph says,"I'll sleep here!!!"

Throughout the day the train would run a few loops around the RV park!


Celebrating Pawpaw's 62nd Birthday!!!

Teddy helping Pawpaw unwrap gifts!

Pawpaw's fabulous scalp scratcher, everyone wanted one!!

Kids waiting their turn for a head massage

Trey preparing breakfast sausage, yum!!


 The park had a dozen or more bunnies hip hopping all over and our kids had a blast “sneaking up” on them and making lassos and snares to try to trap them.  They live there at the park so if you were patient they would just come to you. This morning this chocolate bunny got lots and lots of loven from our crew!!

Teddy meeting bunny;

Sparkling To Reflect His Glory

My dear treasured friend Julie Murray in Oxford, Ms sent me a link to an

incredible women’s Bible study.  It is created by a spirit filled lady,

Stephanie Garneau (also in Oxford), I love her name/initials  by the way.  She

is a personal friend  of Julie’s and I greatly respect Julie and her wisdom so if

she ever sends me anything I know it is worthy.  Just wanted to pass on this

blog so you can check it out yourselves. Enter to win a fantastic prize just

follow her easy instructions!!! Enjoy!!!


Boogie Night!!!

Today was a great Saturday. It rained all day which allowed for us to just rest and relax and not busy ourselves with projects. We  even got a short nap in which is a bonus!  This evening we had our good friends over for dinner during another rain fall. We had Trey’s Ipod playing the whole evening and eventually our living room rug turned into the dance floor. The kids were taking turns doing their best moves and the Daddies were being the DJ’s. As the night went on the guitars came down, Trey’s drum came up,  stick horses turned into microphones and paper plates and butter knives became snare drums.  We all had a blast bustin out the moves!!! Lots and lots of laughter!!!! It’s so fun getting together with other families and we absolutely love getting together with the Miller’s!!!


Crowded dance floor


Matt and Anna doin the Robot


 So much fun when you get together a family of 7 plus and family of 8!!