Flashback Friday

Who is this you ask???  Our Mary when she was still in Poland.  We first saw these photos on Valentine’s Day 2008 and what was our first reaction??

“They cut  chopped her beautiful blonde curls off!!!!”  We were so taken back by the transformation of this child over the winter that at one point we even wondered if this was the same child we were trying to adopt. Did they do some switcharoo on us?? We examined the first set of pictures we had recieved with these newer ones and slowly came around that she was indeed the same child minus some golden locks and with darker hair. We reasoned that our biological childrens hair does get darker during the winter months with the lack of sunlight exposure and the pictures were likely taken in the evening which cast a darker look on her as well. 

I asked Mary why was she  so sad? Why didn’t she smile? and she said with a silly laugh as if I should know, “Because I was waiting for you you silly duck!”.

Finally a Smile