Do any of ya’ll have a neighborhood dog?  Well, Cassy is ours.  She resides at the end of the cul-da-sac but you’ll hardly ever find her there. She has her own daily routine of roaming through yards. You may think she is a nuisance and yes when she was a young thing she frequently had contents of recycling bins all over yards but she has since grown out of that.   

Recently the word got out among the neighbors that Cassy’s owners were going to find a new home for her with plenty of  land to roam.  For a brief moment  of temporary insanity we considered asking if we could have her so that she could stay here and so we promptly walked down to talk with said owners.  When we told the owners that they just couldn’t get rid of Cassy they began to tell us of all the other neighbors that have told them stories of Cassy’s rounds about the neighborhood and just how much so many families some with little children and some senior citizens just love Cassy! 

As of today Cassy can still be seen trotting about from home to home on her daily visits:)  We hope we will continue to see Cassy for many more years!!

The Adventures of Axe Men!!!

Hey fellas, got smelly pits??  Never fear Axe Men are Here. . . . . .

Don’t ya wanna  get that girl you’ve been waiting your whole life for?

Baby baby baby (to the tune of Justin Beiber) oooooo   Call Axe Men!!!!

Don’t hate us ’cause we smell great . . . call Axe Men and we’ll get you that date!!!  

 (None of this may be reproduced in any form without the official consent from Axe Men <Elijah, Morgan, Joseph and Jordan>)


Produced by the boys Edited by Momma


Bubba Teeth

The other day Mary came in to surprise me with her radiant smile!!!  She was cracking herself up with the idea of fooling Momma!  These Bubba Teeth bring so much joy to the kids when they shock our adult friends with them.  Not only does Mary have grotesque teeth but a real hicky above her upper lip that she gave herself when drinking  sucking on a Gatorade bottle at the park.  It was really dark purplish red the first day and gradually faded. Yeah try explaining that one to curious onlookers!! 

No reason


Jordan, Elijah, Joseph, Morgan, Mary  

Silly Sister!!



Sometimes you just don’t have any reason to take a group photo other than they are all clean and dressed for church.  Jordan is sporting his new faux hawk hair-do, Joseph proudly shows off his spaces of missing teeth, Mary is on cloud nine wearing her new dress from Mamaw and Pawpaw, Elijah is dutifully smiling and Morgan is trying to survive Mary’s enormously bony hiney !!! No other reason for pictures other than to share with Grandparents and friends.  Enjoy!!!

A little dirt don’t hurt

This week the boys have rediscovered their bikes and so have been riding the wooded trails throughout the hood and have turned into ramping feens.  Our backyard looks like a qualifying event for the X-Games!!!!  Joseph the 7-year-old is amazing and has ramped distances that the 10 year olds and up won’t even attempt!! Perhaps they are wise to not ramp or just chicken as Joseph says.  One day they spent at least 6 hours non-stop riding and ramping. There were a few scary diggers but they popped back up out of the dust bowl and  wiped off the dirt and tears and kept going.  Needless to say my boys’ bodies look a bit banged up on their chins, thigh bruises, strawberry elbow’s and forearms, and scraped-up bruised shoulders.  Every night they reluctantly stop and come in for baths a mega scrub down in which the bath water turns a nice shade of Black!!! My tub has a major ring around it but it’s well worth the boyhood memories that produce it.

   This was Jordan and all his glorious filth.  You should have seen Joseph, parts of his body were darker than my African nephews!!!!!

Friday Flashback

January 2007

Elijah was in third grade, crazy about The Magic Treehouse books and had to have his 2nd set of tubes put in his ears.  We were surprised that he needed another set due to his age but this poor boy was nearly deaf.  I remember getting aggravated over how I would call him and he would simply ignore me.  He could be playing in the yard and I would holler for him from the front porch, all the other children heard but some how Elijah never did.  We started noticing his lack of hearing more and more and I questioned his teacher to see if she ever noticed him not paying attention or missing instructions.  She confirmed that he did seem absent-minded on several occasions and if she was standing at the back of the class and called on him he would not respond.  One night as he was going up the stairs for bed Trey and I sat on the couch and said in a loud enough tone for him to hear us “I love you son.  Do you want a $100 dollars?” or something like that which would normally stir a response but he just walked up the steps without hearing a word of it! Oh how we cried, we had no idea how much hearing loss he had or if it could be restored.   I took him for testing where he sits in a sound proof booth with headphones on and then the operator test his hearing.   We found out he had 50% hearing loss and were scheduled with the ENT for surgery.   So our little man had the tubes put in and did just fine through it all.  His ears seem to be doing well now, he has since lost at least one tube and will not get near water without wax ear plugs.  I have had an ear ache all week-long which reminded me of our sweet boy and all his ear infections and surgeries.  I’m so glad he no longer suffers from all those aches…