St. Louis, Day Two

Day 2 in St. Louis started out with the mega breakfast buffet and another ride on the Metro. The kids loved riding it and we got to take in all the sights with no parking fees.  So on Day 2 we went to the Missouri History Museum first. It had  great exhibits on the 1904 World’s Fair, Westward Expansion, train transportation of course and the city of St. Louis, Charles Lindberg, Miles Davis and other singers/musicians, Baseball and much more.  

History MuseumSpirit of St. Louis

Spirit of St. Louis


The fans went wild at the museum!!

Listening to a Live Gospel/Blues choir below

Fun playground in park

After the History Museum we walked through the park to the Lewis and Clark Exhibition.  We were among the 20,000 Boy Scouts attending camp that week!!! No joke!!

Lewis and Clark ship

My little pioneers

Our last event was to go to Grant’s Farm where the Anheiser Busch Clydesdale horses reside.

Baby goat milk

Yumm Trey's pants are tasty!

Kids Loved this Giant turtle

My 4 boys!

St. Louis Day One

Wow! I didn’t think it was gonna take so long to get our St. Louis trip posted.  For having only spent 2 days there we sure did do a bunch of fun stuff.  The first morning Trey went off  to the sight visit while I took the kids to the fabulous breakfast buffet at the hotel and then swimming. The hotel pool is really the #1 activity that our children enjoy it’s wonderful as they would be so content to spend the entire time in the water but on the other hand I have to pry them out to go sight seeing. 

Joseph, Mary & Jordan enjoying hot tub

Morgan and Elijah as pirates

Mural at pool

After swimming we went back to the room and were pretty much ready to go when Trey got back from his meeting.  On the walk to the Metro (which we took everywhere) we stopped to feed some fish.


 At the Westward Expansion Museum and Gateway Arch

Baseball exhibit at the museum

Going up the Arch- the kids said it was a Star Wars Escape Pod!!

Going up 'Escape Pod'

Inside top of Arch

View of the city opposite Arch


We saw the real one in Krakow, Poland!!

The great Flying Joseph

Up up and away!!!

 Joseph got to enjoy some high flying trampoline jumping as his special event since only Morgan and Elijah went to the St. Louis Cardinals game with Trey.

Check out that manican or is it boyican!!!

So that’s our first day in St. Louis!!!  Trey took the older boys to the baseball game and I took the 3 little ones to the hotel pool for like 2 hours and then we all fell fast asleep!

Flashback Friday

Today’s Friday Flashback is of Joseph in 2007.  This was one of his many costumes he sported back then.  He was always prepared for any stunt he would be performing on his killer bike. Now that bike is another story.  It was a pink and purple girls bike we reclaimed from the trash in Katrina debris.  It had several paint jobs done to it whenever Joseph decided  he wanted it a different color. Here he has it painted in John Deere colors.  I was so sad to see this bike replaced with a new bike on his birthday, such fond memories of him on this.

Awards Reenactment

Remember Morgan’s baseball team winning the 2nd half  Championship? 

Well, they had a team party and gave out trophies and awards while Morgan

was away at camp so unfortunately he missed it.  Today his Coach dropped

them by the house and Trey presented them to Morgan in all grandeur!

Juneteenth aka Daddy’s Birthday!

Still lighting candles on Trey's cake

Fire Hazard!!

He was a little surprised!!


 June 19  marked another Birthday for Trey. We celebrated his day in Florida with friends, fishing and fresh seafood po-boys.  We had to wait till we returned from all our traveling in order for me to bake him his Birthday cake. Boy it sure was ALOT of candles this year!!  The kids loved watching him blow out ALL the candles and especially the trick ones that relit over and over again.  Happy Birthday Trey/Daddy we love you sooooo very much!!!


Flashback Friday

Joseph and Jordan eating on the Bunny rug at Grammy's

Eating PawPaw chipsPawpaw and Jordan

Jordan getting and giving a morning hug to Grammy

Wish I could remember what he's telling her!