Soggy City Champs

Morgan’s 9-10 year old Braves team were  the 2nd -half winners in their league.   Friday night they began playing the 1st- half winners, Yankees, for the Championship title.  They only got to the bottom of the 2nd inning when the teams had to hit the dugouts due to heavy rain and lightning.  The game was delayed for about an hour and twenty minutes while we huddled under umbrellas  awaiting for the game to be called off.  The weather forecast showed heavy storms rolling our way so we knew it would continue all night.  Friday was the only possible time to play for the Championship as the All Stars would be playing games the next week and many players were leaving for vacation on Saturday.   

Die Hard fans in a rain delay

Morgan and teammates

Just waiting it out

Morgan #4

Proud Parents

Still Waiting

Jordan and Joseph stayed dry in another dugout

The rain died down and the teams took the field again.  The Braves were in the field, Morgan stopped several balls from getting to the outfield.  He made an excellent throw from third base to first throwing out the runner!!!  The rain soon returned heavier and with even more lightning!!! Back to the dugouts the boys ran and once again we waited in a rain delay.  After a group meeting with the parents and coaches of both teams a decision was finally made to call the game and declare both teams Co-Champions.  The Yankees trophies would say 1st half Champs and the Braves trophies would say 2nd half Champs!!!

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