Last Day of School Celebration

Let Summer Vacation Begin!!!

Celebration Decorations

Joseph had already eaten half the strawberries

Today was the kids last day of school so we had an end of school cookout party for them.  We had fresh strawberries, pineapple, chips, cookies, sodas, home grilled hamburgers and banana pudding!!!  They were surprised by a new Slip-n-side and Nerf bat and ball too!!  Our home really attracts lots of kids so we had a virtual waterpark in our yard with the neighborhood children.  Trey had just as much fun playing baseball in the front yard as all the kids did!  Our kiddos were so appreciative for the celebration which made it all more enjoyable. They worked really hard this school year so I’m glad we can throw them this party to celebrate!!! 

Morgan at bat

Daddy pitching

Morgan and Trey still "Discussing" the outcome of this play

Jordan says the Slip-n-slide Rocks!!

Mary and Gal Pal, Silly Girls!!!

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